Alumni - An AU Love Story
Jon '55 and Mary (Chilcoth) ’58 Tabor

Jon and I met in the fall of 1954 in the Collegiate. I was a freshman, he a senior, and for me it was love at first sight. I remember going straight back to the Brick and telling my roommate, Carrie Silver, that I'd met the man I was going to marry! We met up again in the back seat of the car we were both traveling in to go home for Thanksgiving on Long Island. It was a long curvy ride on route 17, and although he was rather aloof, I managed to slide over to his side many times!

After the holiday and before Christmas, we dated a few times, and resumed the romance in January. It was great fun to be dating Jon and we often went "down the road” to Ma's and drank beer and danced. I especially remember "Mr. Sandman". He wouldn't go to the library with me to study, however, because he said I never wanted to study.

We were pinned by Easter, and that was certainly exciting. There were picnics at Ledges State Park and parties at Delta Sig fraternity.

I met his parents when they came for his graduation and I loved them, too, at first sight and that lasted until their deaths in the late eighties.

That summer, Jon went to Worcester, Mass to work for Norton Co. but he visited many times, including coming down to Long Island through a flood and being stopped and put up by the Red Cross.

In September my family moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, and I reluctantly went along and attended the University of Virginia for one semester. Jon came for Christmas that year, bringing an engagement ring with him. I was ecstatic! We were married on April 7th, 1956. Norris Harvey '55, Nick DeMeo '54 and Penny (Frazier) Weiss '55 were in our wedding party.

Alfred was always a focal point in our lives. Several other Alfred couples were in Worcester, and so getting together with them became our social life. Our first child was born in 1957, Jonathan Ralph and three girls followed within ten years, Suzanne Dorothy, Sandra Marie and Julie Singleton.

Jon was a trustee for many years, and we both enjoyed the trips back to Alfred tor the trustee meetings.

As the children began to graduate from The Ohio State University, I said "wait for me” and I attended with the two youngest girls. This time I did study and on June 14, 1991, with all my children, and three grandchildren in attendance, I graduated from college!

We now have ten grandchildren, eight boys and two girls.  Our oldest grandson, Colin Deffet, graduates in May of 2008 from the University of South Carolina. The others are following right behind him and we are hoping to have one at Alfred one day.  A great reason to go back!

On April 7, 2006, we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary, and as part of a weekend long party with our entire family, we renewed our vows at the Sea Island Presbyterian church in Beaufort, South Carolina.

We remain committed to each other, in love with each other, and as we remarked to one another on our most recent anniversary, we like "us".

See you at the reunion. Mary and Jon.