Alumni - An AU Love Story
Warren '97 and ’99 and Ann (Mestrovich) ’99 Dabney

We met in 1996 when we were RAs in the Lower suites. We became good friends and our relationship began to blossom while on staff together. It must have been all the pool playing we did in the basement.

Our best memories at Alfred are in Davis Gym, throwing kicks and punches with our karate pals - especially in the summer - and then going out for Pizza Hut in Hornell; watching X-Files with friends in Warren’s apartment on Sunday nights; and helping Warren out in the lab while he worked on his thesis (he promised all those chemicals I handled weren’t going to kill me).

After I graduated and Warren finished up his Master’s, we moved to Maryland while I went to grad school. A house and two dogs later, we got married in April 2004 with our Alfred friends at our side: Dan Roswell and Gwen McShea, Tadd Barnes, Teresa (Vincent) and Dan Glanowski, and Andrew Fisk and Nancy Sullivan. After many years away, we’re back in WNY loving life, each other, and our time at Alfred!