Alumni - An AU Love Story
John '84 and Cecilia (Vaughn) ’86 Emblidge

Cecilia Vaughn ('86 Nursing) and I met in the pool in McClane center in April 1983. Cecilia (then a Freshman Nursing major and Swim team star), and I had been taking a WSI (Water Safety Instructor Course) on Monday nights since January. She was always with the Swim Team people, and I was with the "slow" swimmers.

One Monday in early April I was working in Coach Severn's office after Lacrosse practice (my work study job) and the phone rang. Since it was well after office hours I answered and a girl's voice asked for Coach Scheberle, so I transferred her, and cut her off. I figured she would call back, and did not think about it again.

An hour later sitting in the classroom for WSI another swimmer came into the class late, and Coach S wrote on the board "Stacy Hyde is LATE". Well, Cecilia came in about 20 minutes later, and Coach S wrote on the board "Cecilia Vaughn is VERY, VERY, VERY LATE". She had some lame story about calling and being cut off on the phone.

So later in the pool I maneuvered myself into her lane for the lap swimming. At the end of the laps I was at her end, and admitted that it was me that cut her off and that I wanted to make it up to her. I told her that I had a car at school this coming weekend and could get her out of Alfred for an evening.  Amazingly she agreed, we had our first date on April 9th, 1983 (McDonalds and the movie "Spring Break" in Hornell), and the rest is history.

We were married in May 1987, 4 days after I returned from sea on my first Submarine (USS Woodrow Wilson). I had nothing to do with the wedding planning as I was at sea nearly the entire 9 months before the wedding (good planning I thought).

On April 8th, 1988 we welcomed of first son, Matthew (now a sophomore at CCSU), 4 years and 1 day after our first date. We have 3 children now (Stephen 18, and Lindsay 14), and celebrated our 20th Anniversary last spring.

We are as committed now as we were 25 years ago when we met in Alfred, and our shared history at AU has always been a source of strength for us. We both look back.