Alumni - An AU Love Story
John '72 and Mary Beth (Dooley) '76 Horsington

John '72 and Mary Beth (Dooley) '76 HorsingtonI met my husband in September, 1975 at Alex's bar on the first day of my senior year at Alfred. John had graduated three years earlier, but returned to Alfred to work as an assistant coach with the football team. He had just finished a mandatory stint in the Army, so his hair was really short and he was very clean cut. He stood out among the shaggy-haired guys around him. Everybody called him "Horse," which I assumed was a reference to his size (he was huge). I thought it was so funny when I found out his name was Horsington and Horse was just a nickname.

He was gregarious and spirited - a wonderful storyteller. And what a sense of humor! We've been married for 27 years and he's made me laugh every one of those days. John was always a man's man, surrounded by guys, talking about football and the army. I consider it God's little practical joke on John Horsington that we ended up with three daughters and no sons. John always says "I couldn't get a date in high school, and now I'm surrounded by women!"

I am so grateful I walked into Alex's that night and have so many fond memories of those days in Alfred. Our Alfred stories have become a part of our family history, and it continues to this day - our middle daughter just graduated from Alfred. Those were the days . . . and these days are pretty good too!