Alumni - An AU Love Story
Donald '61 and Elaine (Scott) '62 Pike

What an opportunity to share our love story!  I must begin by saying that I did not go to college to find a husband.  This was the belief in my small town in the late 50’s.  I was certain that I was going to marry my home town boyfriend.  That did change after I met the man of my life.

My husband, Donald graduated with the class of 1961.  I was a graduate of the class of 1962.  We first met at our sorority house, Alpha Kappa Omicron.  He was there visiting one of my sorority sisters.

On our first date, a short time later, we went bowling and then to the campus theater to see the movie, “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe.  Don was from Rochester and I was from Le Roy, New York which is about 30 miles from Rochester.  We were able to continue our relationship when we were home and when we were at Alfred.  While on campus we enjoyed sporting events and long walks, and of course, bowling.

We were married, while I was still attending Alfred, in November of 1962.  I took summer classes so I could graduate in January.  I was able to live at the sorority although I was married, which was not the norm then.

Our Maid of Honor was my sister, Sharon Scott, now Sharon Collins, from Alfred’s class of 1963. Churchill Ward, from Alfred University, was one of our ushers.  The House Mother of AKO, Mrs. Ethel Howe, was in attendance as well as many others who attended my wedding from Alfred University.  I think they were all single at the time.  This is in the order that my guest book was signed: Bette (Waterhouse) Layman '63, Brian McGill '63, Carol (Martin) McGill '63, Francis O’Brien '61, Priscilla (Humphrey) Popp '64, Janice Williams '64, Kay Jordan '64, Carolyn Gilbert '64, Randa (Berg) Nivala '64, Ann (Hauber) Campbell '62,  JoAnn Taylor, Clair Goodridge '63, Julie (Vance) Goodridge '61, Karen (Amsterdam) Levitis '63, Jane (Henckel) Leonard '62, Pamilla Sue (Hey) Leigh '63, Susan (Kelley) Pundt '62, Betsy (Conover) Leipold '64, Susan (Lindsey) Cridge '62, Judy Mohr, Ann Gregory-Muhs '63, and Barb Bernadelli. Also attending from Alfred University were K.T. Young, Dale Fisher '61, Alise (Ogden) Irwin '62, Bonnie (Mayhood) Weber '62 and Sandy (Buchanan) Eaton '63.

My husband and I will be married 47 years in November of this year.  We now live in Denver during the summer months and in Arizona the remainder of the year.  We have only fond memories of Alfred and our time together there.