Alumni - An AU Love Story
Dan '96 and Sarah (Posniewski) '97 Rain

Dan and I met my very first semester at Alfred. We were both in Dr. Meissner's environmental psychology class, and on the second day my future husband not-so-subtly got up and switched seats to sit next to me.

Our courtship included an expedition to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, illicit midnight explorations of the still-under-construction Powell Campus Center, a Paul Strong-chaperoned trip to the Rochester Symphony Orchestra, late night sledding down pine hill behind the apartments, establishing the Environmental Studies house so we could realize our earth-friendly ideals (while getting to live together on campus), breakfasts at Ade, Pirate Theater, senior art shows, a marriage proposal at Hairpin Curve, and a wedding on the lawn of Brick with lots of our professors and fellow students in attendance. It's been a great 14 years!