Alumni - An AU Love Story
Stephen ’58 and Barbara (Potter) ’60 Saunders

I was walking down the street in the village of Alfred when I heard music coming from the 7 Day Baptist Church. I have always had a warm spot in my heart for organ music so I stopped in to see who was playing. I came upon Barbara Potter (Class of 60) practicing and was fascinated by her ability to play the keyboard while at the same time using her feet, which by the way she was barefoot. I spoke to her and left it at that.

Sometime later I was invited by one of the sisters of Sigma Chi to a party at the "Rod and Gun" club. While I was there I somehow managed to drink a little too much and assumed that I was "Fred Astaire" and asked Barbara to dance with me. I spun her so fast and hard that she ended up in a pile at the far end of the room. Needless to say I dance more like "Boris Karloff" than Fred. I figured that was it for me.

The next day, I was having coffee in the student union with Dottie Ormsby and Barbara walked in. After she left, I asked Dottie who she was and was told that she was Barbara Potter, one of her Sorority sisters but that she was going with someone at the time. I waited until I thought she might have forgotten about our time together before asking her out. We were married in Detroit, Michigan on August 23, 1958 and moved to little Washington, PA where I went to work for the Findlay Refractories Company and as they say, the rest is history