Alumni - An AU Love Story
David '02 and Emily (Hitter) '02 Varmette

Dave and I met our first night at Alfred. We had both just moved into Cannon. I was hanging pictures in my room and my roommate was playing her flute. Dave must have come down to the second floor to scope out the girl’s floor. We talked for a few minutes but then he moved along down the hall. The next night my roommate befriended a guy who had become friends with Dave. We all became friends and spent a lot of time together the first few months of our freshman year, hanging out together and meeting for lunch and dinner. Dave and I were both engineering students (he was electrical and I was ceramic) so we had a lot to talk about but Dave had a girlfriend back home. It didn't take long for them to break up though and by the time we left for Thanksgiving break we were an inseparable couple.

We have a lot of great memories of dating at Alfred for those four years. Dave proposed in March '03 after we took our first jobs working for the same company. We were married in February 2005. Mark Dey '04, Elizabeth Varmette (Dave's sister)'04 and Dave Berman '02 were in our wedding. Jen Stoddard '04 also attended the wedding. We now live in Ohio and are expecting our first child this spring.