Why I Give - Alumni
Why I Give
Eric Jones '97

Successful Art and Design Alumnus, Eric Jones ’97, Celebrates 10 Years in Business by Supporting The Alfred Fund

Eric Jones ’97 co-founded Giveacaricature.com in 2006, and with his staff, turned it into the biggest retail caricature site on the web, ranked #1 in custom caricatures from photos.  Based in Richburg, NY, they have produced more than 35,000 caricatures since their beginning. From celebrities to pro athletes, and for corporate affairs to weddings, they have created artwork for people and organizations all over the world. Jones chose to support Alfred University by serving as a caricature artist for Homecoming 2015, and by giving to The Alfred Fund, to help current students succeed the way he has.

“The web has made the world so much smaller, and talent can be found in the most rural communities. AU is situated in exactly that setting. Giant metro universities are not ‘where you need to be’ to get noticed anymore. A great education, coupled with real talent, can be discovered in the most unlikely settings, and that is AMAZING to me. 

Typographic design and color theory are some of the most fruitful courses I took at AU. Twenty years later, I use the knowledge I learned at AU every single day in the artwork I create for the world’s biggest corporations, and the world's most famous people. You don't need to be from Manhattan, or go to school there to be the best at what you do, and AU is the perfect representation of that.”

Visit www.giveacaricature.com for details about this dedicated and talented alumnus.