Reunion 2014 : Class of 1984

Letter to the Class of 1984:

March 2014


Have you made your plans to return to Alfred this June 6-8? It will be great to be back on campus but the best part is always reconnecting and reminiscing with friends who shared our life-changing experience in the quaint little Village of Alfred, NY. For most, our time at Alfred was truly a springboard to the future. Let’s celebrate the past and share where we are today.

Here are a few updates:

  • You know that “one traffic light” all Alfredians refer to so fondly? Well, it’s reached another milestone: 40 years of stop ‘n’ go on Alfred’s Main Street. Join with the Alfred community as it celebrates its Traffic Light Festival Friday, June 6, from 7 to 10 p.m. There will be a parade, music, and lots of opportunities to buy such specialty items as homemade “Traffic Jam.” Hey, it’s Alfred, in all its quirkiness!
  • Also, on Friday night, enjoy an entertaining performance by hypnotist Thomas Bresadola as he brings laughter to the crowd and highlights some of Alfred’s special history.
  • Sure, New York State is known for its wine, but what about its beer!? Come sample New York’s finest brews at a beer tasting on Saturday afternoon and leave with your own AU mug.
  • On your way to the Desserts through the Decades event in the newly renovated Ade Hall on Saturday night, stop by Powell Campus Center to take some pictures with friends in the photo booth or view the Alfred timeline.
  • Saturday Night Entertainment: Get your dancing shoes on, because we’re having a party! Come join your classmates in the Knight Club for drinks and dancing.
  • Memories of Alfred II, a compilation of amateur movies from the 1930s through the late 1950s will be showcased with a special introduction given by University archivist, Laurie McFadden.

The registration deadline is May 9 so please register now.

The alumni website has everything you will need: register, find classmates and see who is coming. Check out the lost list. If you see names you know, call them and encourage them to get in touch with Alfred University to get Reunion 2014 information.

Network with your fellow classmates and make plans to come back! Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by email or
(607) 871-2144 with questions or to register.

I hope to see you and your closest friends in Alfred June 6-8, 2014!


Brad Berwald '00
Alumni Council President, Alumni Elected Trustee

We Can't Find These Classmates

Name Maiden
Mr. Mohit Agarwal
Ms. Katherine L. Aiken-King Aiken
Mr. Kenneth R. Beauchemin
Ms. Kimberly K. Beeken Taylor
Mr. Charles A. Benner
Mr. Christopher S. Best
Miss Jill A. Bowen
Ms. Betsy S. Bradley-Poole Bradley
Ms. Dawn K. Broad
Ms. Nancy M. Brownson
Mr. Kevin D. Burgess
Mr. Frank P. Campiglia
Mr. Barry A. Carr
Mr. William H. Carson
Mr. Bruce C. Corey
Mr. Mark N. Cosentino
Mr. William M. Cross
Ms. Mary J. Cuda
Mr. Mark C. Dizard
Mr. David J. Drezner
Mr. William C. Engelmann
Mr. Albert S. Fenner
Mrs. Constance M. Fournier-Hoffman Fournier
Mr. Howard V. Funk
Miss Laurie A. Glass
Mrs. Debra L. Godwin Scranton
Mr. Donald R. Gray
Mr. Robert J. Horan
Ms. Gail M. Katz
Mr. James R. Kiernan
Mrs. Sandra L. Kistler-Connolly Kistler
Miss Angela B. Knight
Mr. Naoto Kobayashi
Miss Perri L. Koffman
Mr. Michael H. Kohlhoff
Ms. Linda J. Kossow
Mr. Michel M. Krevenas
Mr. James Lindine
Mrs. Nancy J. Lipton
Mr. Steven W. Lounsbery
Mr. Lee A. Markel
Mrs. Katherine M. Marshall
Mr. David J. Martinelli
Mrs. Bonnie McCartney Van Epps
Mr. Scott T. Micciche
Miss Ellen Mikell Glendinning
Miss Janice C. Miller
Mrs. Susan C. Nathan
Ms. Laurie C. Nourse
Mr. Donald W. Obrien
Mr. David M. O'Donnell
Mr. Michael D. O'Sullivan
Miss Hazel A. Pacheco
Mr. Bruce J. Pollack
Ms. Janet F. Pomeroy-Kennish Pomeroy
Ms. Charlan M. Reynolds
Mrs. Karen S. Rich
Ms. Jill M. Rothenberg
Mr. Alvin B. Santos
Mrs. Margaret E. Sayers
Mrs. Theresa J. Scherer Lyons
Ms. Iris L. Schoenberger
Mr. Raymond J. Schultz
Mr. Charles F. Shaw
Mr. James M. Smith
Ms. Susan C. Staples
Mr. David A. Townsend
Mr. Richard G. Wagner
Mr. Jeffrey V. Warner