The Return of the AU Ring

AU Traditional Ring The unveiling
On April 14th, 2005, University officials unveiled the new official class rings to the campus community. The ceremony and reception were held in the Powell Campus Center. The rings are on permanent display in the Alfred University Bookstore in the Powell Campus Center.

In recognition of the importance of campus traditions, members of the Alfred University Alumni Council and Student Alumni Association worked with the Balfour Ring Company to restore the official class ring tradition to students and alumni. The rings are official in that they are now the only ones recognized by Alfred University and the only designs, which will be sold. 

AU Signet RingTwo ring styles
There are two official rings, a traditional design ring and companion signet, both uniquely symbolic of Alfred University. The traditional ring has a purple stone circled by Alfred University 1836. The Fiat Lux meaning “Let there be light” is on one side of the ring and our beloved landmark, the Steinheim is on the other side. The companion signet ring bears our seal, the Fiat Lux.

Both rings can be personalized with class year, degree, engraving on the inside band and choice of white or yellow gold with antique or natural finish. Eligibility for acquiring the ring includes second semester sophomores in good standing through seniors and alumni.

How to order
Each year students will be notified of the dates when on-campus ring orders will be taken. The Balfour Ring Company will also send ring brochures to eligible students and their parents. Alumni can order a ring at any time during the year and rings will be direct mailed to their home. Alumni wishing to order a ring or trade in their old ring, for a reasonable fee, can contact the Alfred University Bookstore at 607.871.2350 or Balfour directly at 866.225.3687. The rings can also be viewed at Balfour's web site.