McComsey Career Development Center
Visual Arts : Book Arts

Processes, Techniques and Specific Knowledge Areas

    __Hand bookbinding techniques
  • sizing
  • cutting
  • paginating
  • sewing
  • casing
  • stitching variations

    __Printing techniques
  • letterpress
  • polymer plate

    __Papermaking techniques
    __Pop-up book design
    __Book anatomy
    __Paper treatment techniques
    __Archival methods/materials

Materials, Equipment and Technology

    __Electric tools
  • dremel
  • drill

    __Hand tools
  • bone folder
  • awl
  • book press

  • PVA
  • methylcellulose
  • wheat and rice flour paste

    __Types of papers
    __Types of boards
    __Book press
    __Book cloth
    __Types of threads/tapes
    __Types of needles