McComsey Career Development Center
Visual Arts : Printmaking

Processes, Techniques and Specific Knowledge Areas

  • line etching
  • engraving
  • drypoint
  • aquatint
  • mezzotint
  • sugarlift

    __Relief printing
  • woodcut
  • linocut
  • multi-block techniques

  • silkscreen
  • cut film
  • paper stencil
  • crayon and glue
  • tusche and glue
  • photo

  • photolithography
  • photogravure
  • photo-etching

    __Registration procedures
    __Master image plans
    __Digital printing

Materials, Equipment and Technology

    __Etching facilities
  • etching relief press
  • plates (copper/zinc/steel/bronze)
  • acids (nitric acid, Ferric Chloride, Dutch Mordant)

    __Lithography facilities
  • stone lithography press
  • lithocrayon
  • tusche
  • ink

  • Large-format
  • Acetate
  • Electric screen

    __Digital imaging software
    __Print series, suite print, accordion book
    __Wheat paste
    __Silkscreen facilities, gum arabic, shellac, glues
    __Photo facilities: darkroom/lightbox/coating room
    __Vacuum printing table
    __Offset press/offset proof press