McComsey Career Development Center
Visual Arts : Sound/Sonic Arts

Processes, Techniques, Knowledge Areas

__Cinema sound techniques
__Music theory
__Electro acoustic sound processing
__Digital/analog sound synthesizing
__Digital multi-track editing
__Post-production techniques
__Sound for the web
__Graphic notation
__Signal analysis

Materials, Equipment, Technology

__Computer software:

  • Sound Edit 16
  • CloudDreamer
  • Sound Generator
  • Toast
  • MAX
  • HyperEngine
  • Deck
  • Reaktor
  • Metasynth
  • LISA
  • Peak
  • Digital Performer
  • Cloud Generator and Harmonizer
  • Pro Tools

__Outside materials
__Patch bay
__Electronic/handmade synthesizer
__Digital sampler
__Digital real-time processor
__MIDI interfaces
__Acoustic/electro-acoustic/electronic instruments