McComsey Career Development Center
Visual Arts : Technical Theatre/Theatre Arts (non-performing)

Also see Arts Administration section

Processes, Techniques and Specific Knowledge Areas

All areas:
__research techniques
__text analysis
__theatre aesthetic considerations
__trend analysis (theatre and other)

Technical director:
__critical path
__knowledge of potentially hazardous materials

Scene designer:
__computer drafting
__arc welding
__construction techniques (metal, canvas, wood, plastics, fabric)
__scene painting (artistic/technical, variety of scales)
__stock management
__stock recycling/adapation

Lighting designer:
See Lighting Design section also
__circuiting (voltage, cords, tape, wattage, lamp anatomy, safety issues)
__color toning

Costume design:
(See Fashion/Apparel Design and Fibers/Textiles section also)
__character analysis
__textile uses/treatments
__underwear research
__pattern design, cutting, draping, drafting
__construction techniques
__knowledge of human body and how costume affects body/movement, hair, makeup

Props manufacturer:
__stock management
__familiarity with a wide range of materials

House management:
marketing and advertising principles
public relations
graphic design
journalism basics

__Sound design: recording various input, editing, mixing, cueing
__Video: rehearsing, shooting, editing, mixing, various cameras, various feeds, graphics
__Other: choreography, acting, dance techniques, directing, rehearsing, etc

Materials, Equipment and Technology

power tools
arc welding/soldering
applications of physics (basic machines)
hand tools
paint sprayers
safety materials
dimmer boards
lighting instruments
hanging positions
booms, trees, bars