McComsey Career Development Center
Destinations Report : 2007

During the past twelve months, the Career Development Center surveyed the graduating class of 2007 using a series of mail, web and phone surveys. We also collected data from employers, parents, faculty and other sources.  The Career Development Center uses the Registrar’s information for this process, so this report includes graduates of August 2006, December 2006, and May 2007.  A response rate of 77 percent was realized from the survey. This report was prepared in August 2008.

In every possible instance, comparative data for the last five years is given.  Some duplication of numbers will exist, primarily within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Students who graduated with dual majors have been counted in both majors for the individual major reports, but have been counted only once for the purposes of overall College and University statistics.  Also, there are few cases in which respondents indicated both enrollment in graduate school and employment as their primary status.  In those cases, percentages may add up to more than 100, and they are indicated on each page with an asterisk.

In reporting mean salaries, we do not include intern stipends, volunteer stipends (e.g., AmeriCorps), salaries for part-time positions, or full-time salaries for jobs that are clearly not in the field in which the degree was granted.  Only base salaries are averaged; we do not include bonuses, projected commissions, housing benefits, tuition remission, relocation bonuses, etc.






Number receiving






Surveys received

434 (75%)

478 (79%)

426 (78%)

433 (77%)

417 (77%)


301 (69%)

350 (73%)

309 (73%)

296 (68%)

253 (61%)

Graduate school

111 (26%)

116 (24%)

115 (27%)

136 (31%)

119 (28%)

Available for employment

21 (5%)

20 (4%)

13 (3%)

9 (2%)

14 (3%)

Not seeking employment

4 (1%)

5 (1%)

7 (2%)

12 (3%)

10 (2%)

Every year there are cases in which respondents indicated both enrollment in graduate school and employment as their primary status. Because of this, numbers and percentages will add up to more than 100.

Undergraduates only (N=309)

  • 71 percent employed.
  • 30 percent in graduate school.
  • 4 percent seeking employment.
  • 2 percent not seeking employment.

Graduate students only (N=104)

  • 70 percent employed.
  • 28 percent in graduate school.
  • 1 percent seeking employment.
  • 1 percent not seeking employment.

Constituent college/school outcome reports:

Alfred University Summary (pdf version)
College of Business (pdf version)
School of Art and Design (pdf version)
Inamori School of Engineering (pdf version)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (pdf version)

Find out where students within specific majors and graduate programs are:

Accounting (BS)
Art & Design (BFA)
Athletic Training (BS)
Biology (BA)
Biomedical Materials Engineering Science (BS)
Biomedical Materials Engineering Science (MS)
Business Adminstration (BS)
Business Administration (MBA)
Ceramic Art (MFA)
Ceramic Engineering (BS)
Ceramic Engineering (MS)
Ceramic Engineering (PhD)
Chemistry (BA)
Communication Studies (BA)
Comparative Cultures (BA)
Computer Science (BA)
Counseling (MS)
Criminal Justice (BA)
Early Childhood Education (BA)
Economics (BA)
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Electronic Integrated Arts (MFA)
English (BA)
Finance (BS)

Environmental Science (BA)
Fine Arts (BA)
Geology (BA)
Glass Science (BS)
Glass Science (MS)
Glass Science (PhD)
History (BA)
Individually Designed: Track II
Interdepartmental (BA)
Literacy (MS)

Marketing (BS)
Materials Science (BS)
Materials Science (MS)
Materials Science (PhD)
Mathematics (BA)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Philosophy (BA)
Physics (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Political Science (BA)
School Psychology (MA)
School Psychology (CAS)
School Psychology (PsyD)
Sculpture and Dimensional Studies (MFA)
Sociology (BA)
Spanish (BA)
Theatre (BA)

Graduate Schools for 2007 Graduates

Employers of 2007 Graduates

Geographic Locations of Graduates


CT - 8
MA - 19
ME - 6
NH - 2
NJ - 7
NY - 212
PA - 24
RI - 3
VT - 3


AR - 0
AL - 0
DC - 2
DE - 0
FL - 3
GA - 1
KY - 3
LA - 2
MD - 5
MS - 1
NC - 11
SC - 5
TN - 1
VA - 10
WV - 1


IA - 0
IL - 3
IN - 1
KS - 0
MI - 2
MN - 0
MO - 3
ND - 0
NE - 1
OH - 5
SD - 0
WI - 1


AZ - 0
NM - 1
NV - 0
OK - 0
TX - 0


AK - 0
CA - 5
CO - 3
ID - 0
HI - 0
MT - 2
OR - 2
UT - 0
WA - 5
WY - 0


New Zealand

Definition of Terms:

Employed: Respondent reported either full-time or part-time employment as primary status.

Graduate School: Respondent reported attendance at graduate school as primary status.

Available for employment: Respondent reported that he/she is unemployed and seeking employment.

Not seeking employment: Respondent reported he/she is voluntarily out of the job market for reasons which might include return to a home country, travel, or family.

Underemployed: Respondent reported work that was either part time, clearly not in the field of study, or most likely both. Inclusion in this category is determined at the discretion of the Director of the Career Development Center, not by the respondent.

Geographic location: Respondent indicated a new address after graduation, or indicated an employer/graduate school location. If no new address was indicated, the address on file with the Student Services/Registrar was used.

We would like to thank the Student Services Office, the academic faculty of the University, and staff of the Career Development Center for their assistance in completing this report.

If you have any questions concerning the content of this report, please feel free to contact the Career Development Center.