McComsey Career Development Center
Dossier and Credential Files

As of Fall 2013, all students and alumni can create an electronic account using Interfolio. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact us at 607-871-2164 or

Initiating your Interfolio Account
Go to Interfolio and fill in the form. Please print the agreement for your file, so that you can go back and reference it as needed.

Interfolio Informational Guide (CDC 2013)

You will be able to store any type of document: writing samples, articles, test scores, unofficial transcripts and whatever you need to have a complete application package. You can upload documents directly into your account, or mail them to Interfolio and they will upload them for you (such as confidential letters).

Building Your Online Credential File
When you are ready to begin building your application package in your account, you will contact Interfolio to ask that a request for a letter of recommendation be sent to (whomever). That person will receive the request, write the letter on your behalf, and submit it to Interfolio to be stored in your account.

Need additional help?
Interfolio offers phone support five days a week (202-223-3358) and help requests sent via email will be answered within one (1) business day.