McComsey Career Development Center

The ability to interview well is an essential skill that you must develop in order to be successful in the job search. Like any skill, practice makes perfect.

Practice interviews
A practice interveiw takes approximately 45 minutes and includes being asked typical interview questions, combined with receiving feedback and developing your personal interview strategy. This strategy takes a proactive approach to the interview process that allows you to be both prepared and confident. This includes putting together an 'interview agenda,' being prepared for typical and behavioral quetions, and ensuring positive non-verbal communication skills.

We highly recommend that you practice interviewing at least once before the real thing. Typcially it ttakes most people 3-4 practice (real or practice) before they feel confident with this skill.

To make an appointment: call 607.871.2164 or Email the Career Development Center with the following information:
- Days and times you are available
- Class year and major
- The career related topic/issue you would like to address

Sample Questions

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