Frequently Asked Questions regarding Fall 2020

Phase 1 of our COVID-19 testing process completed on September 24. Over 90% of our students provided saliva specimens used in pooled sample testing. All test results returned negative.

Starting September 28, we move into Phase 2 of testing called Surveillance Testing. This involves the periodic testing of students who are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and is designed to provide an early warning system of COVID's presence. We will test more than 10% of the student body weekly throughout the rest of the Fall semester.

During Phase 2, students will be assigned times for their testing - there is no need to sign-up. Student participation in testing is a requirement - not a suggestion. Any students failing to present for Phase 2 testing will be referred for a conduct review which could culminate in possible suspension or expulsion for non-compliance.

  • Students in quarantine are expected to continue with the daily screening which includes taking their temperature. This has been an expectation since day one of returning to campus. All students were asked to bring their own thermometers for this reason. Students who fail the screening are asked to call the Wellness Center immediately. Our nurse or nurse practitioner will call the students beginning at 11 am if the students have not called us.
  • Students are provided necessary information related to quarantine and isolation when they are placed. Phone numbers for the Wellness Center, Public Safety, Residence Life and the Dean of Student Wellbeing are included in case the students have any questions or concerns. The Wellness Center continues to provide services to the other students as well (i.e., those not in isolation and quarantine) throughout the day, with the health services staff beginning at least an hour prior to regular business hours and staying well beyond closing to provide the best care we can for our students.
  • The Allegany County Health Department is responsible for daily monitoring of people in isolation and quarantine. They inform the Wellness Center if there is a concern or if a student should receive testing.
  • The purpose of quarantine is to monitor a group of individuals who were previously exposed and the quarantine period is 14 days, mandated by the health department, regardless of testing. Students in quarantine are tested only if they exhibit symptoms. Not only is this due to the type of test we have at the Wellness Center (it’s indicated only for symptomatic individuals), but a person cannot “test out” of quarantine (i.e., a negative result does not get a person out of quarantine).

We highly recommend flu shots for all members of our campus community. Students may schedule a flu shot by calling The Wellness Center at 607-871-2400. The cost is $15 which will be charged to their student account.

Flu Clinics

The Alfred Pharmacy is offering flu clinics on campus for faculty, staff and students on the following days:

Thursday, October 1 from 8:30-1:30 in the Knight Club, Powell Campus Center

Tuesday, October 6 from 8:30-1:30 in the Knight Club, Powell Campus Center

The Alfred Pharmacy is able to charge your insurance for the cost of the flu shot.

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