Athletics/Athletics Facilities

Prior to the return of students, staff, and faculty, all facilities will undergo extensive cleaning and san­itizing to CDC and New York Department of Health standards. Ingress and egress for all buildings will be revised to provide requisite social distancing for all foot traffic. In addition, signs, posters, sanitizing dispensers, and other safeguard systems will be deployed across the campus, in all Alfred University fa­cilities. Classrooms, labs, employee offices, dining spaces, athletic and fitness facilities, and performing arts studios will be reconfigured as needed to accommodate required social distancing. Finally, current entrances and exits will be reassigned to promote socially distanced traffic flow in and out of all build­ings on campus.

The University will employ three cleaning and disinfection schedules: daily for light to moderate traffic; twice daily for heavily trafficked areas; and immediate response cleaning and disinfection for areas oc­cupied by students, faculty or staff who test positive for COVID-19; all campus facilities will be subject to these schedules based on traditional traffic volume levels. Bathrooms in all academic and adminis­tration buildings will be cleaned and disinfected at least once daily; all cleaning and disinfection will be recorded in maintenance logs, and the Facilities department will review these logs regularly for compli­ance with standards.

  • Operations will install signage and protective equipment based on input from CDC, the New York State Department of Health, the Allegany County Department of Health, and Alfred University’s Wellness Center
  • Athletes will be expected to model the behavior required of all campus residents including wearing face coverings/masks, maintaining social distancing and COVID-19-related hygiene, and so on
  • Daily cleaning, sanitation and safety protocols will be implemented for all athletic and fitness facilities including McLane Center, Joyce & Walton Center, Yunevich Stadium, Harrington Softball Complex, Jericho Hill fields, locker rooms, and exercise equipment based on national and state health department guidance; cleaning schedules will be recorded and monitored on an ongoing basis by the Facilities department to ensure compliance
  • Exercise equipment will be relocated to provide for appropriate social distance parameters
  • Disinfectant spray bottles and wipes will be placed throughout workout areas for users to wipe down equipment used after each set
  • Protocols are currently being developed around hosting home games including policies on fan attendance and temperature checks for visiting officials and teams
  • All practices and games will be conducted under the purview of the athletic training staff in terms of participation, planning, and safety concerns
  • A determination will be made before the Fall semester begins whether Spring teams will be able to have non-traditional seasons in the Fall
  • We will employ the more stringent of CDC or state department of health standards relating to the number of people allowed in our general fitness center at any one time
  • Teaching protocols that the University is recommending for all fitness and wellness classes being offered will be followed
  • The current waiver of liability for athletes will be amended to include a COVID-19 waiver
  • Minimal staffing will be assigned at games; requisite social distancing will be maintained in the press box
  • Face coverings/masks and other applicable PPE for athletic and athletic training staff will be provided
  • Plexiglass shields will be installed at the Fitness Center and Joyce & Walton Center entrances
  • Athletics will collaborate with the Wellness Center regarding coordination of testing and general safety precautions
  • Student-athletes who choose to participate in athletic activities after Thanksgiving must remain on campus following University guidelines; no athletes will be allowed to return home over Thanksgiving and come back to campus until after the Winter break
  • Off-campus fans will not be allowed at any Fall home game until further notice
  • Fans allowed to attend games and other sporting events will be required to comply with all health and safety requirements that apply to the rest of the campus environment, including social distancing, face coverings/masks, and hand sanitizing
  • Athletics will explore the cost of improving the University’s live-streaming capability to expand broadcasting to a broader audience
  • Single-day visits will resume for recruits and family members accompanying them
  • Visitors will be required to follow campus visitor guidelines
  • Facilities will install signage and protective equipment to support the operation of the Fitness Center and swimming pool based on input from CDC, the New York State Department of Health, and the Allegany County Department of Health
  • Students, Fitness Center members and other patrons using exercise equipment will be required to wipe down each station after they finish each set of reps, and enforced by Fitness Center staff
  • Before reopening the Fitness Center, the need for enhanced cleaning schedules for showers and locker rooms will be reviewed based on available guidance