Faculty and Staff

Learn more about the health and safety protocols such as wearing a face mask while indoors, maintaining social distancing whenever able and using health screening tools and how these plans will impact your department, work area and return-to-campus.

Based on an August 24, 2020 start date for classes, Alfred University has developed a comprehensive list of policies and safeguards designed to mitigate risk of exposure and contain the spread of COVID-19 infection. Together, these tactics will work to ensure the greatest possible safety of our University community. In addition, a Campus Safety Monitor will be assigned to track all COVID-19-related activities, status and outcomes (including daily tests administered, positive test results, and review of data logs related to safeguard tracking).
  • Faculty and staff workspaces will be reviewed; where necessary, occupancy will be reduced to comply with social distancing protocols
  • All faculty and staff will be provided face coverings/masks prior to returning to their offices/workstations (although they are free to wear their own, if they prefer)
  • Guidance for daily self-screening and the tools to do so quickly and effectively will be provided to all faculty and staff prior to their arrival back on campus
  • Wellness Center staff will be provided with relevant Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Faculty and staff will be required to self-screen daily prior to coming to work by answering a brief symptoms questionnaire and taking their temperature; the application being developed for students will also be used by faculty and staff

  • Faculty and staff screening reports that indicate the presence of symptoms will result in an immediate response to the faculty or staff member, who will be prohibited from returning to campus class until a note from a medical provider is received
  • If faculty or staff have symptoms or a fever of 100.4° or higher, they will be required to stay home; Alfred University’s HR department will develop clear policy guidelines for each employee and department supervisor to follow
  • If faculty or staff have family or roommates at home exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to stay home, inform their supervisors, and contact their healthcare provider for further diagnosis and testing
  • Faculty and staff must wear face coverings/masks whenever they are in class or within six feet of others; face coverings/masks will be provided for faculty and staff by Alfred University
  • All faculty and staff will be required to follow all applicable social distance protocols while at work
  • Faculty and staff will be encouraged whenever possible to employ telework outside of any in-class teaching responsibilities to reduce the need to meet in person and promote social distancing
  • International travel will not be allowed until further notice. University-sponsored domestic travel will be restricted to only essential activities during the Fall semester. Alfred University also highly recommends personal travel to “hot spots” or other high-risk areas be delayed until the COVID-19 risk diminishes; if students, faculty or staff do travel to high risk areas, a 14-day quarantine will be required on their return
  • Once an influenza vaccine is available in the fall, all staff and faculty will be encouraged to be vaccinated
  • In the event of the need to complete contact tracing for campus visitors through the Department of Health, the Wellness Center will contact the applicable Department of Health and inform them of a positive test result
  • Contact tracing for faculty and staff will be performed by the health department in the county in which they reside
  • Alfred University’s Wellness Center will collaborate with the county health departments to ensure a seamless tracing process and timely reporting
  • Our Human Resources Department has developed an electronic manual for faculty and staff that identifies the requirements for each based on the guidance received from the CDC, New York State, and county health departments; the manual will be distributed to all faculty and staff and they will be required to attest that they have read the manual, and taken the test included in it before they can return to campus
  • Every employee will be required to sign and return an acknowledgement that they have read and understand the contents of the manual and agree to abide by the policies laid out in the manual
  • Human Resources will create training modules that all employees must complete