Students and Families

Student life this Fall will include taking classes in a variety of formats, following an adjusted academic calendar, experiencing new dining areas and following health and safety protocols inside and outside of the classroom.

Based on an August 24, 2020 start date for classes, Alfred University developed a comprehensive list of policies and safeguards designed to mitigate risk of exposure and contain the spread of COVID-19 infection. Together, these tactics will work to ensure the greatest possible safety of our University community. In addition, a Campus Safety Monitor will be assigned to track all COVID-19-related activities, status and outcomes (including daily tests administered, positive test results, and review of data logs related to safeguard tracking).

September 9, 2020 Zoom with Zupan & Guyer Meeting

July 30, 2020 Reopening Zoom Meeting

July 29, 2020 Reopening Zoom Meeting

July 15, 2020 Reopening Zoom Meeting

July 13, 2020 Reopening Zoom Meeting

As we approach the date for the return of our students to Alfred University’s magical valley, more detailed information regarding the schedule of those returns has been finalized. We apologize for the delay in providing you with this information. However, COVID-19 has continued to create new travel restrictions.

During the last two weeks, 14 more states, along with Washington DC and Puerto Rico, have been added to New York’s travel advisory list, increasing the number of students who must be quarantined. Students from out of state should check New York’s travel advisory list regularly in case their state gets added to the list so they can make proper plans to quarantine.

We have heard from many of you that a later arrival date may be more convenient and, as a result, have revised our student arrival plans to accommodate these requests. As a consequence, we also have revised our plans for course delivery for the first two weeks of classes as well. During that period of time, all courses will be offered online.

Regarding new and returning students:

  • Please remember to bring face masks or face coverings and a thermometer (to be used for your daily health screenings)
  • Move in schedule for new and returning students:
    • Move In Group 1--International students and out-of-state students from locations on New York State’s travel advisory list returning on August 5 or August 7
      • 14-day quarantine is required; students may do so in their assigned room on campus at no added cost, except those students who have an assigned room in Openhym who arrive before August 18; these students will have to quarantine in temporary space until Openhym is ready for occupancy
      • We ask that you click on this link to let us know what day and time of day you will arrive to campus; this “reservation” will promote greater health protection, order and efficiency for the move in process. Unless otherwise contacted by Residence Life, your selected arrival date and time is guaranteed
    • Move In Group 2--New York State residents and students from areas not on the travel advisory list return between August 21 – August 23
      • No quarantine is required
      • Students will move into their assigned rooms
      • We ask that you click on this link to let us know what day and time you will arrive to campus this “reservation” will promote greater health protection, order and efficiency for the move in process. Unless otherwise contacted by Residence Life, your selected arrival date and time is guaranteed
      • Students who are living in Openhym are advised to select the later dates, as Openhym is on track to be finished just before move-in
    • All other students—Those students from U.S. states appearing on the New York travel advisory list (these students must return to New York to quarantine off campus before moving into assigned rooms)
      • 14-day quarantine is required
      • Students must quarantine off-campus in New York with family or friends, or in a NYS hotel/Airbnb/VRBO
      • If a student quarantines off-campus they can move into their assigned room following their 14-day quarantine period on August 21, 22 or 23, and will be required to provide certification of their compliance with the quarantine requirement
      • We ask that you click on this link to let us know what day and time of day you will arrive to campus; this “reservation” will promote greater health protection, order and efficiency for the move in process. Unless otherwise contacted by Residence Life, your selected arrival date and time is guaranteed
  • If you must quarantine upon arrival in New York, the state guidance requires that you not go out in public or outside your place of residence during the two-week quarantine period
  • Once you arrive to campus, follow the signs to the McLane Center parking lot (Visitor Center) where you will receive a health screening by our Wellness Center staff
  • Students who pass the health screening will enter the Joyce & Walton Center to receive their room key. First year students and new transfer students will also have your ID photo taken
  • You will then go to your residence hall and move into your designated room
  • You will be allowed to have one other person assist you with your move. That individual must also have been screened by our staff before accompanying the student on campus
  • Residence Life staff will be available during move in to answer any questions
  • Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 conditions later in the fall, we ask all students to be prepared to move out of the residence halls at the end of the semester, making it possible for us to clean the halls thoroughly in preparation for the start of the Spring semester; as a result we suggest that you bring to campus only the necessities and supplies you will need for the Fall semester
  • We also ask everyone who must quarantine on campus to pack and bring a separate bag filled with essential items you will need for 14 days. This bag should contain bedding, toiletries, some small comforts from home, laptop, phone and chargers, and enough clothing for two weeks
  • During quarantine for those who must do so, meals will be delivered to all students in their residence halls
  • For those students who quarantine on campus (Group 1), compliance with the quarantine provision requires them to remain in their residence halls, and to follow all social distancing, facial covering and cleanliness requirements for the greater health and safety of all residents, faculty, and staff
  • All students traveling from international locations and New York travel advisory states must file a travel advisory form with the New York health department before arriving in New York

* Please note that the list of New York Travel Advisory states may change based on New York State Department of Health guidelines.

  • Students will be asked to provide, if possible, a COVID-19 test result for a test administered no earlier than 3 days before they arrive on campus
  • A detailed survey will be sent to main campus Alfred University students in mid-July to obtain information about their COVID-19 health history
  • By August 1, surveys must be returned along with the student’s other required health records
  • Students who fail to return the survey will not be allowed to return to campus
  • Students in high-risk groups will be contacted in response to their surveys, and protocols will be developed for their protection before they arrive; there may be some students who will not be allowed to return due to the degree and nature of their conditions
  • Students experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms will be directed not to come to campus until they are symptom free for a specified number of days
  • A “Welcome to Alfred” box will be sent to new and returning students containing hand sanitizer, a welcome note from the president, the self-screening health steps they will be required to undergo and report on daily, safe distancing guidelines and requirements (including the requirement to wear a face covering/masks in all in-person classes and wherever social distancing is not possible), and Alfred University swag
  • International students and those domestic students from identified “high risk” areas will be required to return two weeks before other students and quarantine for 14 days
  • Students will be asked to bring documentation of any results of COVID-19 antibody testing administered to them during the summer
  • On the days they return to campus, all students will be required to undergo a COVID-19 screening protocol at McLane before being issued room keys or proceeding anywhere else on campus; Alfred University Wellness Center staff will check temperatures and perform a symptoms assessment
  • Students presenting with symptoms or with temperature at or above 100.4° F will be tested on site; students living within 60 miles of campus will be asked to return home and quarantine for 14 days; if returning home is not possible, symptomatic students will be isolated on campus with appropriate pre- and post-testing responses
  • Commuting and off-campus students will be required to contact Health Services before returning to campus for a COVID-19 screening; if they do not, they will not be allowed to attend classes until they have
  • Students will be required to bring face coverings or masks and a thermometer with them when they return to campus; if they fail to bring either, they will be supplied with what they are missing, and their student account will be billed for the cost of the item(s)
  • New and returning students will be allowed to have one other person assist them with move-in, who will also be subject to similar screening
  • Each day before attending classes, all students will be required to complete a daily screening; students will also be required to take their temperatures daily and to report any fever
  • In addition to a daily screening regimen, Alfred University will administer random testing on student population samples during the semester; these tests will be batched and analyzed, and if any positive tests result, all students in that group will be tested; periodically, all sample testing results will be reviewed to determine whether they indicate a need to test greater numbers of students more frequently
  • ITS will develop an online or application-based daily reminder as well as a tool for electronically submitting screening results
  • All health information received from students contained in the daily screening will be maintained and protected pursuant to HIPPA privacy standards
  • Students submitting responses indicating the presence of symptoms will receive an immediate response directing them not to attend classes and to call the Wellness Center for further diagnosis
  • Student screening reports that indicate the presence of symptoms will result in an immediate response to the student, who will be prohibited from attending class and required to call the Wellness Center for a consult
  • Once an influenza vaccine is available in the fall, all students will be encouraged to be vaccinated
  • Students reporting symptoms will be directed to call the Wellness Center for a telephonic consultation. If indicated, the student will be first tested for influenza (unless they report having been exposed to someone with COVID-19). If the flu test is negative, the student will be swabbed and the sample sent to the lab to test for COVID-19; students will be required to remain in quarantine pending receipt of the test results
  • If the result of the COVID-19 test is negative and students are asymptomatic, they will be allowed to return to their residence halls and classes; if they are symptomatic, they will not be able to return to their residence halls or classes for a minimum of 10 days, and they must be free of symptoms and fever-free for 3 days without a fever reducer
  • Crawford Hall will be established as the residence hall for quarantine and isolation (30-student capacity); the I-House (16 student capacity) will be used if Crawford capacity is exceeded
  • The New York State and Allegany County Departments of Health will be notified of Alfred University’s quarantine facilities and plans
  • Students who are isolated will not be able to return to their residence halls or classes for a minimum of 10 days, and they must be free of symptoms and fever-free for 3 days without a fever reducer
  • Residence Life staff will assist with delivering food to those in quarantine or isolation
  • The period of isolation may be revised before classes begin based on new guidance issued from the CDC and the New York State and Allegany County Departments of Health
  • In collaboration with the Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH), the Wellness Center will perform contact tracing for all students testing positive for COVID-19
  • In the event of the need to complete contact tracing for campus visitors through the
  • Department of Health, the Wellness Center will contact the applicable Department of Health and inform them of a positive test result
  • Students identified through contact tracing who have come in contact with a person under investigation or someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will be monitored for symptoms and tested, if applicable
  • Alfred University’s Wellness Center will collaborate with the county health departments to ensure a seamless tracing process and timely reporting
  • The vice president of Student Experience and/or the dean of Student Wellbeing will send email notifications to all students outlining the need to comply with all requests and requirements outlined in the policies and procedures that pertain to health and safety as outlined by the Wellness Center and others, including the sanctions for failure to follow the guidelines; a separate letter identifying students’ responsibilities regarding general behavior, the use of face coverings/masks, and social distancing requirements before students return
  • All policies and procedures will be enforced in response to non-compliance for both on- and off-campus students
  • The office will support and meet with students while practicing all health precautions (face coverings/masks and social distancing)
  • The conduct process will enforce violations of the student code of conduct (Respect: Harm to Persons; Responsibility: Failure to Comply) for failure to comply with the wellness daily health checks, failure to wear face coverings, or failure to follow social distancing requirements with all students, whether they reside on- or off-campus

  • Following the recommendations of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD), counselors will continue to see students virtually for intakes unless there is a specific need for in-person counseling

Both Herrick Library and Scholes Library have reopened to students, staff and faculty.

Herrick Library Hours:

Sunday 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Monday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: Closed

Scholes Library Hours:

Sunday 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Monday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: Closed

You can find more information in the AU Libraries Reopening Plan.

Where can you study and/or take online classes?

Here are some starting points. Please note that all of these spaces are set-up for social distancing and that cleaning supplies are available in each location.

Commuter students - you are also welcome to contact the AU Libraries to discuss additional possible arrangements which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Campus Computer Labs (available when no classes are scheduled)

  • Herrick 120
  • Olin 214 & 215
  • Myers 107
  • Perlman 105
  • Science Center 104 & 108
  • Seidlin Annex 107
  • Seidlin 016

AU Libraries - Herrick & Scholes

Available anytime the library is open:

  • Herrick Book End Lounge
  • Scholes Commons PC Area

Available when no classes are scheduled and the Library is open:

  • Herrick Commons Area
  • Scholes "Classroom" area on main floor

Other Campus Spaces

  • Powell Campus Center - Knight Club
  • Science Center - 3rd Floor Lobby and 3rd Floor Corners
  • Seidlin Basement - Student Lounge (across from computer lab)

Spaces that may be reserved by students enrolled in Performing Arts courses:

  • Study space outside of Miller Theater
  • Miller 221

Spaces that may be reserved by students majoring in Biology, Environmental Studies and Physics

  • Clubhouses/Lounges in the Science Center