• Operations will install signage and protective equipment based on input from the CDC, the New York State Department of Health, the Allegany County Department of Health, and Alfred University’s Wellness Center
  • Athletes will be expected to model the behavior required of all campus residents including wearing face coverings/masks, maintaining social distancing, COVID-19-related hygiene
  • Standard (pre-COVID) cleaning, sanitation and safety schedules and protocols will continue for all athletic and fitness facilities including McLane Center, Joyce & Walton Center, Yunevich Stadium, Harrington Softball Complex, Jericho Hill fields, locker rooms, and exercise equipment based on national and state health department guidance
  • Disinfectant spray bottles and wipes will be placed throughout workout areas for users to wipe down equipment used after each set
  • All decisions pertaining to athletic competition and fan attendance will be based on guidance adopted by Empire 8 and its private institutional membership; fan participation will be limited to campus members
  • Protocols are currently being developed around hosting home games including policies on fan attendance and temperature checks for visiting officials and teams
  • All practices and games will be conducted under the purview of the athletic training staff in terms of participation, planning, and safety concerns
  • The current waiver of liability for athletes has been amended to include a COVID-19 waiver
  • Athletics will collaborate with the Wellness Center regarding coordination of testing and general safety precautions

Fan Participation

  • Fan participation protocols have returned to pre-COVID standards

Fitness Center

  • The Fitness Center has returned to regular (pre-COVID) schedules and protocols