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Updated COVID-19 Guidelines Email - April 1, 2021

New information for COVID-19 Testing at Alfred University:

  • On Monday, April 5th, we will begin to administer the COVID-19 test in a slightly different way. Instead of using swabs to collect the saliva needed for the test, we will begin using a saliva collection tube. You will have to express 1 milliliter of saliva into the tube. Watch this video demonstrating how to do accomplish the action described.
  • Effective immediately, we will no longer email test results to those who are tested by our team. Students are now able to access their own results (both positive and negative) using the SUNY Upstate Medical website. Accessing the site will download a pdf for you to view;
  • While registering for a test appointment in Signup Genius, please make sure to do the following:
    • Use your Alfred University email address;
    • When prompted to enter your Banner number, use an upper Case “A”, and include all the numerical digits (including leading 000s);

Weekly testing process:

  • New York State guidance requires us to continue testing individuals even after they have been vaccinated, because the CDC (and New York) do not feel there is enough empirical data available to change the guidance;
  • Testing hours will remain 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon, and 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We cannot test after 3:00 because we have a SUNY Upstate deadline to deliver samples each testing day;
  • If your schedule makes it impossible to be tested during the hours above, you may get tested elsewhere (CVS, Walgreen’s, or whoever offers a test similar to ours) within 72 hours of your designated test date/time and submit the results to

Please remember:

  • If you have tested positive in the last 90 days, you should not be tested;
  • If you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms on your test day, do not go to the test site (contact the Wellness Center)
  • If you are in quarantine or isolation, you will be excused from testing until you are released (in cases of quarantine)
Thanks for all your cooperation. Your efforts are keeping the campus safe, healthy and open.

Zooming with Zupan & Guyer - February 16, 2021

Although Alfred University is providing students with the basics for quarantining, we know providing them with some "extras" in the way of snacks and creature comforts will make them - and their loved ones - feel better while they are in isolation or quarantine.

Items may be dropped off at the Center for Student Involvement, first floor of Powell Campus Center, or shipped to:

Alfred University
Center for Student Involvement
C/O John Lewis
1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802

  • Gatorade
  • Body soap (small bars)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (travel size bottles)
  • Tampons
  • Soda/Pop - all flavors (in cans)
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Chips/Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Candy - hard, chocolate, candy bars (fun size - individually wrapped)
  • Brown lunch bags
  • Handwritten notes to be put in snack bags (thinking of you!)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Coloring books (we'll rip out individual pages for students)
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Puzzle books
  • Pencils
  • Card games/Travel size card games

Questions? Please contact John Lewis by email or at 607-871-2671.

  • In collaboration with the Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH), the Wellness Center will perform contact tracing for all students testing positive for COVID-19
  • In the event of the need to complete contact tracing for campus visitors through the
  • Department of Health, the Wellness Center will contact the applicable Department of Health and inform them of a positive test result
  • Students identified through contact tracing who have come in contact with a person under investigation or someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will be monitored for symptoms and tested, if applicable
  • Alfred University’s Wellness Center will collaborate with the county health departments to ensure a seamless tracing process and timely reporting
  • Students will be asked and reminded throughout the summer to bring face coverings/masks with them as they will be required to wear them any time that they are on campus and within six feet of others
  • Students must wear face coverings/masks whenever they are in an academic or administrative building
  • Students, staff and faculty will be required to wear face coverings/masks whenever they are on campus and not able to maintain six feet of social distance; in addition, faculty are required to wear a face coverings/masks while teaching all in-person classes
  • Each day before attending classes, all students are required to complete a daily screening; students are also required to take their temperatures daily and to report any fever
  • In addition to a daily screening regimen, Alfred University will administer random saliva pool testing on student population samples during the semester; these tests will be batched and analyzed, and if any positive tests result, all students in that group will be tested; periodically, all sample testing results will be reviewed to determine whether they indicate a need to test greater numbers of students more frequently
  • Students submitting responses indicating the presence of symptoms will receive an immediate response directing them not to attend classes and to call the Wellness Center for further diagnosis
  • Student screening reports that indicate the presence of symptoms will result in an immediate response to the student, who will be prohibited from attending class and required to call the Wellness Center for a consult
  • Classes begin January 25 (as scheduled)
  • There will not be a Spring Break
  • Classes will end on Tuesday, May 4
  • Final exams begin Wednesday, May 5 and end Monday, May 10
  • Wherever possible, online learning options will be available for international students who cannot travel to campus

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Where can you study and/or take online classes?

Here are some starting points. Please note that all of these spaces are set-up for social distancing and that cleaning supplies are available in each location.

Commuter students - you are also welcome to contact the AU Libraries to discuss additional possible arrangements which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Herrick & Scholes Libraries both have study spaces and computers available. A limited number of reservable spaces are available for commuters or students taking courses online.

Campus computer labs are available when not in use for scheduled classes. Take a look at the list of spaces and hours.

There are additional spaces around campus such as Powell Campus Center, the Science Center, Miller and Seidlin. Some of these spaces are available for students studying specific subjects or require a reservation. 

The Wellness Center's Counseling Services will be available to students Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. All counseling services will be done via tele-mental health with the exception of crisis mental health emergencies.
  • The Hat Bus is running for WalMart/Wegmans runs.
  • The bus is free for students with an ID.
  • Please note each bus can only take 6 students at a time.
  • The 1:06 pm run will have 3 buses, allowing for a larger group.
  • The 2:30 return run also have 3 buses back to Alfred.
  • Last return bus from Hornell is at 4:20 and it only holds 6 people use that only as a last resort!
**Please note that we only coordinate these bus runs with the HAT Bus Company, we do not set the schedule.

During the pandemic, it's hard to be away from home and to engage with your new home at Alfred University, which may lead to a sense of isolation and boredom. The Community Friends program pairs students with a volunteer from the AU community (faculty or staff) for friendship, neighborly advice and support with practical challenges. For example, your community friend could help you find local resources, learn more about the area and provide a connection to the community. In turn you'll provide your community friend with the opportunity to get to know a new friend from possibly a different place or generation.

If you're interested in being connected with a Community Friend, please complete this interest form.