Emergency Conditions

If a “spike” in COVID-19 cases occurs at any time during the Spring semester on campus based on New York state guidance, Alfred University understands it may be required to revert to fully online academic administration, or to close its campus and send students, faculty, and staff home. We expect that the Allegany County Health Department and/or the New York State Department of Health will be the source of any guidance relating to the need to vacate the campus. Such a situation would result in Alfred University taking the following steps:

  • Whoever is the recipient of the information will immediately convey it to the president
  • The president will notify the Cabinet that closure or other action is required
  • The president will notify our Board of Trustees of campus closure and the status of the vacating process
  • The Cabinet will inform all faculty and staff in their respective departments of the need to close our campus
  • The Communication Department will immediately issue a RAVE alert notifying all recipients that our campus is being closed and students are being sent home
  • The Communication Department will also use all other available channels (email, social media, alert on www.alfred.edu and my.alfred.edu) to disseminate information regarding the campus closure with instructions for next steps and timing
  • Residence Life is developing a plan for the orderly departure of students from campus
  • Academic Affairs will have contingency plans in place for moving to remote instruction if necessary
  • Parents will be provided with specific instructions for student departure
  • As in the case of the campus closure in March 2020, Alfred University will make provisions for any student who is unable to leave campus

Assuming the increase in cases does not require closure, any actions the University takes will result in a notification process similar to that identified above.