COVID-19 Dashboard

This COVID-19 dashboard is used to help better assess current campus practices & protocols and how to modify them if needed to support the health and safety of our community.

Campus Administered Tests

Total Tests Since January 1st, 2021: 13973

Testing Totals

PCR Tests
Point of Care
Other - Tests On Campus

Positives By Test

PCR Tests
Point of Care
Other - On/Off Campus

Weekly Pool Testing by SUNY Upstate Medical

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Total Pools that Found Positives


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COVID-19 Response

GREEN shield  Students In Isolation
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GREEN shield  Students In Quarantine
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GREEN shield Contact Tracing

In collaboration with the Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH), the Wellness Center will perform contact tracing for all students and campus visitors testing positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing for faculty and staff will be performed by the health department in the county in which they reside. Alfred University's Wellness Center will collaborate with the county health departments to ensure a seamless tracing process and timely reporting. 

green shield Green - New Normal with Continued Vigilance

What this means?
Campus population infection rate is below 3.0% on a 2-Week Average.


yellow shield Yellow - Elevated Risks

What this means?
Campus population infection rate of 3.0% - 4.0% on a 2-Week Average.


orange shield Orange - Disrupted Operations

What this means?
Campus population infection rate of 4.0% - 5.0% on a 2-Week Average.


red shield Red - Decision to Shutdown (Made by President and Cabinet)

What this means?
Campus population infection rate of 5% or higher on a 2-Week Average.

Internal, on campus variables that influence alert level: 

  • Severity of cases among population; this will be measured against our isolation housing capacity
  • Significant increases in overall positivity rate as identified through pool testing / surveillance monitoring; this will be measured as  > 5% community infection of student population positive tests (COVID-19 test and weekly surveillance monitoring results)
  • Depletion of suitable PPE and inability to procure replacement supplies

External, regional variables that influence alert level:

  • Issuance of an order to close from NYS / SUNY; this is measured by region with specific metrics for hospital bed availability and infection rate
  • Reduced regional health care service availability/bed space in our own local hospitals in Hornell or Wellsville
  • Significant increases in confirmed positive test results at Alfred University or in the Alfred village/town community surrounding the campus


Report Unsafe COVID-19 Behavior

Notice any behavior on campus that doesn't align with our safety protocols? Improper Social Distancing, Improper Use of or No Face Mask, Mass Gatherings, etc. Report it anonymously with as much detail as possible and we'll swiftly address the situation and those involved.

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