Children & Youth Learning Initiative
Index of Programs

Listed below is a sample of programs that have been offered in the past and hope to offer again. While we are unable to offer programs on demand, if you are interested in a particular program for your group, please let the coordinator know.

Click on the link below to see a brief description of the program, or scroll down for the complete list:

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Students will have a chance to explore a wide variety of fundamental skills and aptitudes in this program that is a requirement for all groups scheduled for more than four visits per year. Additionally, students will not be qualified for the end of year attendance prize (a Nintendo Wii, one per school) unless they attend a CCB. This event will begin in Perlman Hall Computer lab.
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Drawn 2 Diversity
The art force five are back and in charge of diversity, tolerance and history again. This year, the program will focus on toys and toy marketing. Visitors will have a chance to design and market a new toy themselves, the best toy will win a trip to the Strong Museum of Play for all members of the group. This event will begin in the Powell Campus Center, unless otherwise noted.
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Visitors learn the basics of chess from a local expert, and then play at least two games against other students from their school. At the end of the semester, all schools that participated are invited to AU to compete for the prestigious 'KING' a trophy given every year to the best team in CYLI's annual Chess Tournament. Both the Tournament and program take place in Powell Campus Center's Kenyon-Allen-Davis rooms.
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Capitalizing on her immensely popular Photorama, Dr. Corrie Burdick will present a program of print making including, styrofoam printing, Japanese Guyu Tako printing and a wide array of other creative possibilities. Please be sure to wear 'messy' clothes to this event! Location TBA.
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Safe Dating
This program separates the myths from the facts of Middle School students relationships. Presented by Alfred's Pat Monyhan, the Safe Dating curriculum has been implemented in many school districts throughout the region to near universal acclaim, the program leaves students thinking clearly about relationships, escape plans and what is safe and acceptable behavior. This program will take place in the Powell Campus Center.
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The AU Equestrian Center offers this program that takes visitors through the horse barn to make friends and teaches some rudimentary equine maintenance and medicine. Weather permitting, students go on a wagon ride with the program's draft horses and watch an equestrian team practice. This program begins at the Equestrian Center.
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It's All Trivial
This program, just in time for Regent's examinations in the schools, offers students a chance to apply their knowledge of the four core competencies as well as knowledge of sports and pop culture in a race to answer the most questions and a chance to participate in a final, lightning round for glorious prizes. This program takes place in Powell Campus Center.
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Mock Trial
Each semester, the AU history faculty and AU performing arts program partners to put an historical figure on trial, complete with period costumes and gavel pounding judge. Visitors research the period, people, and specifics of the case and then present the prosecution and defense to a jury made up of AU students. This program takes place in Powell Campus Center.
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Performing Arts
Visitors arrive at Miller Performing Arts Center for a tour of the facility, practice with improv acting, a chance to get made-up for the stage, and an opportunity to explore the prop closet.

Robot Armageddon
This program, hosted in part by the AU Robot Club, allows teams from participating schools to design a robot using the Lego-MINDSTORM system to meet a specific challenge. Teams arrive on campus and compete for prizes. This program takes place in McMahon Hall.
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Science on Wheels
Students arrive for a multi-faceted presentation by the School of Engineering that focuses on polymers (slime), optics, and cryonics with visitors making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, this year the SOW staff has an improved Van de Graff generator and a .5 MW laser. This program takes place in the McMahon building.
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