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Private education loans are non-federal loans offered by private lending institutions. Some families use private education loans when additional resources are needed to meet educational costs not covered by family resources and other forms of financial aid. These loans are generally more expensive than the federal direct loan programs and should only be used when federal loan eligibility (Direct and PLUS loans) has been exhausted. The following terms and conditions are generally common to most private loan programs and are provided to help students and families understand private loans. Students and families should always consult with the lender for the terms and conditions specific to a loan program they are considering.

Please visit FASTChoice to start your search for a private education loan.

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General Private Loan Provisions
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General Private Loan Provisions:
Borrowers: The loan is in the student's name. However, for most loan programs, undergraduates will need a cosigner. Some loans have a cosigner release option after a certain number of on-time monthly payments, typically 24 to 48.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must be 18 years of age; a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen; enrolled at least half-time in a degree program; credit worthy or apply with a credit worthy cosigner.

Loan Amounts: The maximum amount students may borrow is the school's cost of attendance less other financial aid. Lenders usually have a minimum loan amount of $500 or $1,000.

Interest Rate: Private loans usually have variable interest rates which are based on an index such as LIBOR or PRIME plus an additional percentage depending on the applicant's and cosigner's credit score. For example, a loan program's interest rates may range from Prime plus 1% to Prime plus 5%. The highest credit score would receive Prime plus 1% and the lowest approved credit score would receive Prime plus 5%.


Repayment Terms:
Payment periods typically range up to 15 or 20 years depending on the amount borrowed. Some loans allow a longer period. Repayment options generally include immediate repayment of principle and interest, interest-only payments during enrollment, or deferred principal and interest payments during enrollment.


Private Loan Options-Information:
For most private loan programs, students must annually complete an application for each academic year. The loan application may be completed on-line at the lender's web site.

The first step is to choose a private loan which will meet the family’s and student’s needs. To assist families with researching lenders, Alfred University provides a list of lenders through the FASTChoice website. Please note, this list does not include all private loan lenders and students may look beyond this group. It is simply a listing of lenders which AU students and families have used over the past three years. Students may choose any private loan they wish and are not obligated to use a lender from this list. In addition, the FASTChoice website offers good consumer information including a comparison tool of lenders’ terms and conditions, helpful repayment calculators, as well as links to the online application(s).

Alfred University does not endorse or recommend any specific lender(s) for a private education loan. The terms and conditions for these loans vary, and families must research and decide which loan(s) best meet their needs.

Please visit FASTChoice to start your search for a private education loan.


Summer School:
Current students interested in private loans for summer school should visit the Office of Student Financial Aid for counseling and to explore summer school aid options.


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