About AU

A quality education is an investment in a student's future. We are working to continually improve the value of an Alfred University education by investing in the human and captial resources that equate educational quality while making an Alfred University degree more affordable in large part due to our donors.

A college graduate with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn twice as much as non-college grads. This translates into around $1.6 million more in lifetime earnings than someone with a high school diploma. College graduates also have lower rates of unemployment and poverty. Economic forecasts predict that 72% of future jobs will require a bachelor's degree or higher.

At Alfred University, you'll find a challenging and rewarding educational experience. You will have access to the resources of a large university while in a small, intimate, highly personalized learning environment. Personal attention from our faculty will help prepare you for personal and professional success.

For the undergraduate class of 2014, we had 98% career outcomes rate (those that were employed, freelancing, volunteering, continuing education or not seeking employment).

Each year, Alfred University devotes over $37 million of institutional financial aid to recognize the academic achievements of our students and to help bridge the gap for families in need. More than 98% of the entering first year class receives some type of financial assistance: university, federal, state and private. Learn more about financial aid.

Alfred University appears consistently in a variety of rankings. Check out what the "experts" say about us.