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There are 3 types of assistantships that all full-time graduate students may choose to acquire:

General graduate assistantships
All full time graduate students throughout the university are granted a general graduate assistantship, which requires the student to work 7.5 hours per week for a professor or university division. This assistantship reduces 50% of the tuition cost and provides the student with a stipend (25% of the reduced tuition). Students are responsible to the faculty or staff member to whom they are assigned.

Enhanced graduate assistantships
Full-time students may instead choose to apply for an enhanced graduate assistantship through the Division of Student Affairs, as a Residence Hall Director, Weekend Supervisor, or Assistant Coordinator of Leadership Programming. In exchange for working 20 hours per week, this assistantship covers 50% of tuition costs and provides the graduate student with a stipend of $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the assistantship. Some enhanced assistantships provide a furnished on-campus apartment and full meal plan when the University is in session. For more information please contact the directors of Residence Life, Center for Student Involvement, and/or the Judson Leadership Center.

Athletic graduate assistantships
Students interested in the part-time program may apply for an athletic graduate assistantship, which fully covers a maximum of 18 credits of tuition per academic year (see the part-time sequence) and provides a small stipend in exchange for working 20 hours per week as an assistant coach, athletic trainer, or facilities manager. For more information please contact the Director of Athletics.

Additional financial support may be available through grants and other external sources obtained through the Lea R. Powell Institute for Children and Families. The Office of Student Financial Aid assists graduate students in obtaining additional forms of assistance whenever possible.


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