Graduate School : Counseling
Mission and Goals

Alfred University’s graduate program in counseling prepares individuals for counseling positions in elementary, middle and high schools, mental health centers and social service agencies, and colleges and universities.  Students acquire core knowledge and clinical skills that enable them to enter the profession of counseling.  We (the faculty) strive to create a rigorous scholarly and supportive atmosphere for students to develop intellectually with a deep sense of social consciousness and self-awareness. We value teaching, scholarship, and service, which contribute to the mission of Alfred University.  

Program Objectives

Alfred’s counseling program is committed to the personal and professional development of each student in the context of a sound theoretical background.  One-on-one interaction between faculty members and students encourages the personal learning that is vital to the education of counselors.  Students gain a strong knowledge base and they also develop personal maturity and strong interpersonal and organizational skills. The objectives of Alfred University’s Counseling Program grow out of the program’s mission and are:

  • To prepare counseling students in the acquisition of a comprehensive and scholarly knowledge base relevant to the profession of counseling
  • To prepare counseling students in the acquisition of clinical skills and abilities in the areas of individual, group, and family interventions.
  • To prepare counseling students to become competent, self-aware, and socially conscious in order to work in a variety of settings serving a diverse population.


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