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Alfred University offers a Master's of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) in School Counseling through the Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE), which has been training New York area teachers in partnership with New York State approved credit-granting institutions since 1983. Alfred University's Downstate Counseling program, which was initiated in the fall of 2006, is a satellite of the Counseling program on the university's main campus, a program that was established over 50 years ago. Classes for the Downstate program are offered at venues in Brooklyn (St. Francis College) and Oceanside, Long Island. This program is designed specifically for individuals who are seeking graduate classes that are scheduled at times that are accessible to busy educational professionals.

The Downstate Counseling program and courses are designed to enhance a teacher's ability to impart academic knowledge and to better prepare them to confront the complex social, emotional and behavioral issues that affect learners in today's classroom. The program is committed to offering practical courses which will have direct, immediate and observable impact on each educator's ability to successfully teach in New York Area schools.

The Downstate program is structured to allow separate groups of no more than 25 students to enter the program each fall. Groups remain together through the entire program, attending classes year-round for two years, including summers. First year classes are prerequisites for all other classes in the program. Each student is required to enroll in one summer course on the Alfred University campus in western New York State during each of the two years of the program. Students will be notified regarding the schedule for these summer classes.

All matriculated students in the Downstate program are regular Alfred University students. As such, they have access to the University's on-line resources and to their academic records through Banner. Details regarding these privileges is outlined in the program handbook that students receive at orientation.


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