Faculty and Staff
Matthew M. Hall
Director CACT
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: McMahon Building 120
Department: CACT  
Phone: 607.871.2486  
Matthew M. Hall
B.S.: Ceramic Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla, 1998

M.S.: Glass Science
Alfred University, 2000

Ph.D.: Glass Science
Alfred University, 2003

Areas of Concentration
My group is primarily engaged in developing glasses for biomedical and biotechnology applications using our knowledge of glass chemistry and processing. Traditional melting and sol-gel processing techniques are used to synthesize the desired glasses. Bioactive glasses are of particular interest, including the development of compositionally novel bioactive glasses that harness the natural link between trace metals and physiological response. We are also involved in work on hollow glass microspheres for hydrogen gas storage.

Current Research
Adsorption of biomolecules to glass surfaces
Novel glasses for DNA purification
Anti-inflammatory properties of bioactive glasses
In situ formation of metal colloids within glass for His-tag protein microarrays
Sol-gel encapsulation of biomolecules
Sol-gel processing of yttrium silicate phases
Hollow glass microspheres for hydrogen storage and composite materials