Faculty and Staff
William C. LaCourse
Professor, Glass Science
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Hall Glass Science & Engr 217
Department: Glass Engineering  
Phone: 607.871.2466  
William C. LaCourse
Honorary Alumnus
Alfred University, 1986

B.S.: Engineering Science
SUNY at Stonybrook, 1966

M.S.: Materials Science
SUNY at Stonybrook, 1967

Ph.D.: Materials Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1969

Areas of Concentration

Surface Modification Techniques for Improved Properties

a.  Strengthening  b. Improved Chemical Durability

c.  Scratch Resistance    d.  Optical Properties.

New Glass Compositions for Enhanced Properties.

Novel Glass Recycling Process and Uses



Current Research

Accelerated ion-exchange strengthening of float and container glass. 
Bio-active and bioresorbable materials
High Purity - Infrared Transparent Chalcogenide Glasses            Cold Sintering of Glass                                                                   Glass Micro-beads and hollow glass micro-balloons.