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Nathan P. Mellott
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Office Location:
Department: Matls Science & Engineering  
Phone: 607.871.2446  
Nathan P. Mellott
Postdoctoral Fellowship
National Science Foundation IRFP: University of Padova, 2005

Ph.D.: Materials
The Pennsylvania State University, 2003

M.S.: Geosciences
The Pennsylvania State University, 2000

B.S.: Geological Sciences
Michigan State University, 1998

Areas of Concentration

Our research interests are based primarily in the areas of (1) Aqueous corrosion of Glasses and (2) Multifunctional, Sol-Gel based Thin Films, and (3) Advanced Surface and Materials Characterization.

Particular interests include; (1) the evolution of glass surface morphology, composition, and chemistry with aqueous corrosion, (2) the processing, design, and applications of thin films and nanostructured materials, with focus on how nanoscale material structure and properties can be tailored to produce multi-functional, "smart" materials, and (3) the use of advanced surface science techniques in understanding material surfaces, their interfaces with coatings, and their behavior with corrosion in a variety of environments.

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships

Department of Energy-NEUP: Surface Layer-Bulk Glass Interface Evolution with Aqueous Corrosion (PI) 2012-2015

3M Non-Tenured Faculty Grant (PI) 2010-2013

NYSERDA Nanocomposite Oxide Thin Films (Co-PI) 2011-2012

Department of Energy: Novel Oxide Ceramics for Solar Energy Harvesting (Co-PI) 2010-2011

The Joseph Kruson Alfred University Excellence in Teaching Award 2011 and 2014

The John F. McMahon Ceramic Teaching Excellent Award 2013

Classes Taught

ENGR 115 Explorations in Materials Science

CEMS 215 Microscopy and Microstructural Analysis

CEMS 328 Industrial Glass and Glass Coatings

CEMS 347 Spectroscopy

CEMS 500 Scanning Probe Microscopy

CEMS 538 Material Surfaces and Thin Films

Selected Publications

L.M. Placek, T.J. Keenan, Y. Li, C. Yatongchai, D. Pradhan, D. Boyd, N.P. Mellott, and A.W. Wren (in press) Investigating the Effect of TiO2 Substitution on the Structure and Solubility of Bioactive Glasses. Accepted by the Journal of Biomedical Materials Applications Part B.

L. Haas, C. Smith, L. Placek, M. Hall, Y. Gong, N.P. Mellott, and A.W. Wren (2015) Investigating the Effect of Silver Coating on the Solubility, Antibacterial Properties, and Cytocompatibility of SiO2-Na2O-CaO Glass Microspheres, Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 0885328215591902

P. Gao, Y. Gong, W. Zhang, N.P. Mellott, and D. Liu (2015) Non-enzymatic amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide using grass-like CuO nanostructures calcined in nitrogen atmosphere; Electrochimica Acta, 173, 31-39.

Y. Li, A. Coughlan, F.R. Laffir, D. Pradhan, N.P. Mellott, and A.W. Wren. (2015) Investigating the influence of Na and Sr on the structure and solubility of SiO2-TiO2-CaO-Na2O/SrO bioactive glass; Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 84, 26, 1-12.

W. Zhang, Y. Gong, N.P. Mellott, D. Liu and J. Li. (2015) Large Scale Synthesis of Layer Ni-TiO2 as High Performance Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries; Journal of Power Sources, 276, 39-45.

Gong Y, Wren A.W., and Mellott N.P. (2015) Quantitative Morphological and Compositional Evaluation of Aluminoborosilicate Glass Surfaces; Applied Surface Science, 324, 594-604.

Gong Y, Yotongchai C., Wren A.W., and Mellott N.P. (2014) Reintroducing Sborgite: Crystallization Through Exposure of sodium borosilicate glasses to humidity; Materials Letters, 136, 265-270

Wren A.W, Adams B.A., Pradhan D., Towler M.R., Mellott N.P. (2014) Titanium-Vanadium Oxide Nanocomposite Coatings: Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity; Materials Chemistry and Physics, 144, 538-546.

Mellott N.P. and Pantano C.G. (2013) A Mechanism of Glass Surface Morphology Evolution with Aqueous Corrosion, International Journal of Applied Glass Science; 4, 3, 274-279.

Li Y., Caughlin A., Laffir F.R., Pradhan D., Mellott N.P., and Wren A.W. (2013) Investigating the mechanical durability of bioactive glasses as a function of structure, solubility, and incubation time, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids; 380, 25-34.

Tousley M.A., Wren A.W., Towler M.R., Mellott N.P. (2012) Processing, Characterization, and Bactericidal Activity of Undoped and Silver-doped Vanadium Oxides, Materials Chemistry and Physics; 137, 596-603.

Akgun B.A., Mellott N.P, Durucan C. (2012) Silver containing sol-gel derived silica thin films: Effect of aluminum incorporation on optical, microstructural and bactericidal properties, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology; 62, 240-251.

Wren A.W., Akgun B.A., Adams B.M., Caughlin A., Mellott N.P., Towler M.R. (2011) Characterization and Antibacterial Efficacy of Silver Coated Ca-Na-Zn-Si/Ti Glass, Journal of Biomaterials Applications; 13, 3, 309-312.

Akgun B.A., Wren A.W., Durucan C., Towler M.R., Mellott N.P. (2011) Sol-gel derived silver-incorporated titania thin films on glass: bactericidal and photocatalytic activity, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology; 59, 228-238.

Akgun B.A., Durucan C., Mellott N.P (2011) Effect of Silver Incorporation on Crystallization and Microstructural Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Titania Thin Films on Glass; Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology; 58, 277-289.

Wren A.W., Laffir F.R., Mellott N.P., Towler M.R. (2011) X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Studies from Industrial & Bioactive Glass to Biomaterials; In: Chemical Engineering Methods and Technology Series: X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy; Editors Johanna M. Wagner; Nova Publishers

Mellott N.P., Durucan C., Pantano C.G., Guglielmi M. (2006) Commercial and Laboratory Prepared Titanium Dioxide Thin Films for Self-Cleaning Glasses: Photocatalytic Performance and Chemical Durability, Thin Solid Films, 502, 112-120.

Mellott N.P., Brantley S.L., and Pantano C.G. (2002) Topography of polished plates of albite crystal and glass during dissolution, In: Water-rock Interaction, Ore Deposits, and Environmental Geochemisty: A tribute to David A. Crerar, edited by R. Hellmann and S.A. Wood, 7, 83-95.

Mellott N.P. and Pantano C.G. (2002) Corrosion of E-Glass Fibers, Glass International; 25, 1, 362-368.

Mellott N.P., Brantley S.L., Hamilton J.P., and Pantano C.G. (2001) Evaluation of Various Surface Preparation Methods for Glass, Surface and Interface Analysis; 31, 5, 362-368.

Brantley S.L. and Mellott N.P. (2000) Surface area and porosity of ground powders of primary silicate minerals, American Mineralogist; 84, 11/12, 1767-1783.

Professional Affiliations

The American Chemical Society

The American Ceramics Society

The Materials Research Society

International Sol-Gel Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science