Faculty and Staff
Frances A. Viggiani
Assoc Prof Management, Emerita
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location:
Office Hours: Mon: sabbatical leave Spring 2009

Phone: 607.871.2294  
Frances A. Viggiani
B.A.: Economics
University of Massachusetts/Amherst

M.R.P.: City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

Ph.D.: Organizational Behavior
Cornell University

Classes Taught

Human Resource Managment, Leadership Dynamics, Management, Managing Organizational Change, Organizational Theory, Health Planning and Management, Human Resources Management, Managament and Organizational Behavior, Seminar in Management, The Health Care Delivery System

Current Research

Rummel, A. B. & Viggiani, F. (2005). Children's Changing Perceptions of Retail Stores. Academy of Business Disciplines.

Viggiani, F. A. & Rummel, A. (2003). Undergraduate Personal/Career Attitudes. Academy of Business Disciplines.

Viggiani, F. A. (2002). Entrepreneurship in Espousedly Democratic Firms: Italian Industrial Cooperatives in the Emilia-Romagna Region. Eastern Academy of Management.

Viggiani, F.A. (1999) Doing the Right Thing: Organizational Structure and Process for Democratic Governance of the Firm, Industrial Relations Journal

Viggiani, F.A. (1997) Democratic Hierarchies in the Workplace, Economic and Industrial Democracy

Under Review: Phoenix Trucking: "I believe in democracy up to a point": Democratic Management Hierarchies, Human Organization

Organization Development and Italian Cooperatives: Exemplars and Propositions, International Journal of Training and Development, special issue on OD