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Financial Information

Each full-time student is granted an assistantship covering 50% of tuition costs in exchange for working 7.5 hours per week at the University. Letters offering the assistantship are sent to all accepted students with their acceptance letters. The first year positions may involve working for faculty members or in university offices. Second and third year positions are more likely to make use of students' school psychology-related skills.

The Division has been successful in obtaining additional funding for students through grants and contracts awarded to its Lea R. Powell Institute for Children and Families. Continued success in this area is not guaranteed, but it remains an ongoing goal of the Division and the Institute to obtain additional financial assistance for graduate students from external sources (e.g., government programs and private foundations).

In addition, there are a small number of competitive assistantships providing 100% of tuition that are earmarked for our students in their second and third years of the program.

Finally, incoming doctoral students are considered for three Powell Fellowships that provide additional funding during their first year of enrollment.

Approximate cost of attendance per academic year*

Tuition for 2015-2016**
AU Student fees
Rent and utilities
Books and supplies
Food and personal expenses

*Based upon reported expenses of current School Psychology students. Expenses can vary significantly depending on living situation. Costs of textbooks are highest during first year, and vary based upon mode of purchasing them.

**Based upon utilizing 1/2 assistantship - full tuition is $38,020.

The Office of Student Financial Aid assists graduate students in obtaining additional forms of assistance whenever possible.

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Admissions Coordinator
Jana Atlas, Ph.D.
Professor of School Psychology
Ph: 607.871.2212

Internship Coordinator
Rachel Roth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of School Psychology
Ph: 607.871.2212

Program Director
Andrea Burch, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor of School Psychology
Ph: 607.871.2212

Graduate Admissions
Alfred University
1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
Ph: 607.871.2115
Ph: 800.541.9229
Fx: 607.871.2198