Alfred University at Corning Community College

MSEd in Literacy

Program Description
The Master's of Science in Education in Literacy is a professional certification program for teachers who hold the initial certificate in any teaching area. While the degree is in literacy, the focus of the program is preparing teachers to infuse literacy strategies into instructional activities at any grade level or in any content area. The program consists of a 30 credit, 9 course sequence that may be completed in one calendar year and is ideal for full time teachers. To accommodate normal work schedules, most classes meet for full day sessions on Saturdays, with each course meeting 5 times. Students enter with a cohort and move through the program together on the same schedule. The program emphasizes the practical application of current reading approaches, strategies, materials, methodologies, goal assessment, techniques, evaluation, and professional responsibilities of a literacy specialist. The MSEd in literacy leads to initial certification in birth through grade 6 literacy and meets the requirements for professional certification in a student’s initial certification area. The Alfred University Literacy program is an excellent opportunity for teachers in the Corning area who are employed in full-time positions and need to complete courses for the professional certificate.

Alfred University is offering a master’s degree program in literacy with classes primarily on the Corning Community College (CCC) Spencer Hill Main Campus in Corning, New York. This program is designed for busy teachers who are unable to attend a traditional residential college due to everyday life circumstances such as work, family, or the inability to relocate. To accommodate students in these circumstances, classes meet on Saturdays. Hybrid courses (a combination of direct contact class meetings and online class meetings) are incorporated into the curriculum to allow students to complete the program within one calendar year, providing a student follows the established sequence for the program.

Master's Project
Literacy students are required to complete a master’s project (EDUC 695). The master’s project is the capstone of the MSEd in Literacy. In this course, students are guided to conduct action research involving a literacy experience in their classroom or in another academic setting. Students are encouraged to use what they have learned in the program to test new literacy – based activities, explore new perspectives on their student’s learning; and investigate questions they may have as professional educators.

Fall Application Deadline – August 25th

Required Courses

  • EDUC 603 – Competency in the Teaching of Literacy
  • EDUC 604 – Diagnostic and Remedial Techniques in Literacy
  • EDUC 605 – Literacy in the Content Area
  • EDUC 613 – Literature for Children
  • EDUC 670 – Field Experience and Seminar
  • EDUC 695 – Master’s Project
  • SPED 645 – Learning Disabilities
  • SPED 656 – Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom
  • SPED 658 – Managing the Classroom

Total = 30 Credits

Alfred University Application Requirements

  • Current New York State classroom teaching certification
  • Graduate application
  • Personal statement
  • $60 application fee
  • Undergraduate college transcript for every institution attended and degree level
  • Graduate college transcripts for every institution attended
  • 2 Letters of recommendation – applicants can submit traditional letters, have the recommender fill out a reference report found on the Alfred University website, or can submit both
  • Program interview
  • GRE exam

This program is an Alfred University program; students in the program are Alfred University students earning an Alfred University degree. All students accepted to Alfred University pay a non-refundable $200 enrollment deposit.


Sara Love
Graduate Admissions Counselor
Assistant Director of Admissions


Kayla Vossler
Admissions Coordinator
Downstate and External Programs