Honors Program
Basic Facts

Purpose: The Honors Program is an enrichment program—providing a more stimulating intellectual climate or community for our brightest and most motivated students. Students from all disciplines are accepted and interact within classes and at events.

Requirements for completion:

  1. Honors Seminars—usually taught by full-time professors—are the 'centerpiece' of the program. Students are required to take at least 4 of these seminars while they are here at Alfred. First year students are required to take at least one Honors Seminar in each of their first two semesters.
  2. Residency—Honors students are required to spend at least 4 semesters in the program, in order to graduate with University Honors.
  3. GPA—Honors students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.2 to remain in good standing in the program—and must have at least a 3.2 GPA to graduate with University Honors.
  4. University Honors Thesis—Students must complete a University Honors Thesis (with a residing committee of at least 3 faculty members) to graduate with Honors. The University Honors Thesis does not have to be creditbearing for the student; signing up for Honors Thesis credits is optional.

Application: Honors application requires a transcript, a self-written essay, and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. Students can apply once they’re on campus—up until the first semester of their junior year, as well. Current students entering the program should have at least a 3.5 GPA. Once in the program, students must maintain at least a 3.2 GPA. The Honors application can be found online at this link.

Some basic facts: 160 students in the program (about 8% of AU students); incoming class ranges between 35-50; average SATs for Honors students=1230 (Math + Verbal); Retention for the program is around 93%.

Beyond the classroom: The Honors Program is a COMMUNITY: we have many meetings, gatherings, and even celebrations. There is a separate Honors Orientation, an event called Death by Chocolate, Cultural Field Trips, The Honors Banquet, and Honors Convocation. There is also a leadership program and a Big Brother/Big Sister program within the Honors Program.

The Honors House: Many of the current events take place at the Honors House. This is a place where 5 Honors students reside but it also serves as a location for many of the events. Residents for the Honors House are chosen by application (groups of 5 current Honors students in good standing can apply).

Perks and Extras:

  • Honors students are allowed to take 2 credits beyond the normally allowed credit limit for their college as long as the 2 credits are for an Honors Seminar.
  • Cultural and educational events are offered to Honors students at agreatly reduced rate.
  • Funding to support the Honors Thesis is available; requests are due on February 1st.