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"Honors creates a space where learning for fun comes first. It reminds me of why I love to learn." Fenna Mandolang

Serious Play
The bane of too many undergraduates' lives is the time they spend worrying about their major. Just calling it a "major" makes it sound all-important and implies that everything else is secondary - just a "minor" or an "elective." Yet all too often, these "electives" turn out to be some of a student's most interesting and inspiring courses.

At Alfred University, we believe that these are the courses that give the college experience unexpected fullness and pleasure. That's why for more than 20 years, our Honors Program has been based solely on electives. Every semester, some of our best undergraduates have the chance to enrich their education with an array of mind-bending seminars.

Here, you won't fine a single Honors course that's just a regular class with an extra paper and more homework. We take a different approach to Honors that integrates literature and science, history and pop culture, humor and critical thinking. In the words of Professor Alexis Clare: "Honors classes buzz. It's a high-frequency, active expectancy that we are all going to find out something new. It isn't like teaching, really, it's more like discovery." In short, it's serious play.

University Scholars
To earn the "University Scholar" designation on an Alfred University degree, you must complete four Honors seminars (though many Honors students end up taking five or more). Each seminar - with enrollment limited to 15 students - meets one evening a week for two hours. Seminar topics change and evolve each semester depending on student and professor interest.

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