High School Hazing
Initiation Rites in American High Schools : A National Survey
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Final Report

Nadine C. Hoover, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Norman J. Pollard, Ed.D.
Director of Counseling and
Student Development

Published by Alfred University
Alfred, New York 14802
August 2000

This report was written to share our findings with other institutions concerned about the welfare and safety of students throughout the United States. We want people to be aware of the prevalence and nature of this problem, and ways in which we may be able to prevent it. For more information contact:

Susan C. Goetschius
Alfred University
Director of Communications
1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802-1205

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Executive Summary

What are Initiation Rites?

How Many Students are Hazed?

Who is Most At-Risk of Being Hazed?

What are the Consequences?

Why Do They Do That?

How Do We Stop Hazing?





Alfred University Senior Paper - Hazing

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