International Students : What Students Say

International Students at Alfred UniversityWhile we try to give you as much information about Alfred as possible, we understand that sometimes you’d like to hear from students about their experiences.  Here’s what some past students have had to say about the experience:

"What can I say about Alfred?  It has been one of the best experiences in my life. Moving to my favorite second country for four months, meeting new people who became very good friends, living amazing experiences together while enjoying the campus and taking the most of the small but enchanting village Alfred is. I could be immersed in a different academic curriculum –which I loved-, delight my senses with a coffee at Terra Cotta, root for Saxons in a football game or feast my eyes on a snowfall while sitting in the porch with a mug of hot tea. You can also live all this and more, at AU, the pick of Allegany County."
~Pepa Arrufat, exchange students from Universidat Jaume I, Castellon Spain

"A lot of Great people and lots of great events for international students :)"
~ Long He, graduate student in engineering from China

"To me, Alfred is a place where there are limitless opportunities for us to try, explore, and shape our future. We are not only able to realize what we like and thus pursue it further, but we are also able to find out what we don’t like only after trying and having gotten the experience out of it.  At Alfred, I have explored a wide range of areas, both in academics and extra-curricular activities. I majored in economics but besides concentrating solely on economics, I was able to take quite a few environmental science courses thanks to the liberal and flexible curriculum. I also got involved in theater, even though English isn’t my first language and in spite of my stage fright,  thanks to the very close and supporting collegial community. And here is what I realized after two years at Alfred: environmental science is what interests me the most, not economics, a realization I came to only because I have studied and understood both of them; theater is fun and exciting but it is not where I can find my talents, but at least I have done it, worked on it, and improved from it. This is why my experience at Alfred University is very important: it has truly helped me grow tremendously and know myself better. It definitely goes a long way explaining who I am now and who I will be in the future."
~ Cheong Wei Martin Wong, Undergraduate student from Hong Kong, China

"I attended Alfred University for a semester in Spring 2012. The semester was part of my bachelor studies in British and American Literature and History in Denmark. My semester abroad in Alfred was one of the best experiences of my life. The classes were great! The professors were so helpful, engaging and interested in their students – Americans as well as international students. I met people from all over the world and made friends for life. It might be a small town but this just helps in giving you the real American college experience."
~ Emilie Kristensen, exchange student from Aarhus University, Denmark

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