Women's Leadership Academy

Women in leadership roles confront particular challenges, and The Academy is designed to help students build knowledge, sharpen skills, and expand options in their leadership responsibilities. The Women’s Leadership Academy encourages students to explore theories of leadership, study how gender roles (and rules) affect leadership, and practice leadership in meaningful ways. Membership to the Academy is selective, and open to both women and men.

The Women’s Leadership Academy offers these benefits to members:

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and your skills, interests and goals;
  • Devise a mission statement for your own leadership growth to match your professional and personal goals.
  • Acquire personal and team-based skills that are essential to success in any field.
  • Manage a significant service-leadership project as your capstone experience.
  • Study contemporary and classical leadership theories and clarify your own leadership values.
  • Explore how gender, power, economic status, race, nationality, and other factors create opportunities and challenges for leadership.
  • Participate in field trips or exchange programs with other women’s leadership initiatives at regional colleges and universities
  • Special grants from the Bernstein Leadership Award to attend student leadership conferences, or serve paid leadership internships.
  • Participate in exclusive conversations and events with special guests of the WLC.
  • Build strong relationships with mentors specially matched to your interests and goals.
  • Develop lasting relationships with other Academy students and alumnae.

Requirements of the Academy
Please note that the requirements may be completed throughout your matriculation at Alfred University.

Academic Requirements
"Gender and Leadership" course (2 credits, offered Fall semesters)
"Women's Leadership Academy Practicum" course (2 credits, offered Spring semesters)
Two elective courses as approved by the Women's Leadership Academy Director

Practice-Based Requirements
Attend eight (8) approved leadership skills workshops
Attend four (4) special events/featured speaker programs

Women's Leadership Center Benefits

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