Women's Leadership Center
Benefits of the Women's Leadership Center

What are the benefits of a women’s leadership center for college students?
When college students find ways to actively and productively engage in their campus environments, they are more likely to achieve academic success and graduate on time. Leadership development builds confidence, sharpens personal management skills, and brings opportunities to improve communication abilities. As college students pursue higher education and challenging career options, they benefit enormously from structured leadership and personal development opportunities, which often compliments a successful job search. The WLC is one way that Alfred University strives to equip students - women and men - to enter their futures with confidence.

How does AU’s WLC benefit the local community?
The WLC is a partner in several local community initiatives, including the Young Women’s Summer Leadership Institute (offered alternative summers beginning in 2010), and the Professional Women’s Career and Leadership Summit (offered alternative summers beginning 2011). Our Leadership Library is fully accessible to community members and local school students. We serve as a referral point for individuals seeking information about leadership in general, and women's leadership in particular.

What do AU’s students say about the WLC?
"The WLC creates a strong community for AU women to learn about leadership." - J.M., Business major

"The WLC gives students an alternative way to prepare for careers; it supplements and compliments academics." - O.B., Global Studies major

"The programs provide clear, positive and strong examples of successful leaders who happen to be women." - T.H., Accounting major

"It might say women in the name, but the WLC is really for everyone. What they teach can and should be used by anyone." N.D., Engineering major