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Bartlett Residence Hall
Bartlett Residence Hall
Main Campus
Constructed: 1931
In Honor of: Frank L. Bartlett
In this building: Office of Residence Life 

The student population in Bartlett is primarily upperclassmen, and the building community is well known for its quiet and friendly atmosphere and central location. Once an all-male residence hall, Bartlett is now coed by room and is the only residence hall on campus almost solely comprised of single occupancy rooms, which makes it very popular with all students, including our international student population.

What Students Say...

"Its a great place to live - there's a great balance between being quiet enough to get work done and social enough to have fun at the same time."

"It's neat having people from different areas of the world all in the same building."

"Convenient location on campus relative to the academic buildings and studios in Harder Hall."