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Cannon Residence Hall
Cannon Hall
Main Campus
Constructed: 1954
In Honor of: William C. Cannon
Capacity: 75 Students, 3 Resident Assistants, 1 Resident Director
For more information: Office of Residence Life 

Originally built as a men's residence hall, Cannon is now co-ed, with males on the first and third floors, and females on the second floor. Cannon is a first year student hall.

Cannon Hall is the smallest of the first-year halls, which makes the atmosphere very friendly and home-like. Students in Cannon often gather in the lounge on the first floor to watch movies or play games, and the RA's use the lounge for programs and community builders.

In Cannon Hall the computer room and quiet study lounge are on the first floor, the kitchen is on the second floor, and the laundry room is on the third floor, helping the students in Cannon to get to know each other because they have to go to all the floors to access the resources of Cannon Hall.

What Students Say...

"Just a short walk to Academic Alley where all my classes are."

"Since Cannon's next to Barresi and just down the hill from Moskowitz Hall and Tefft, I don't have to walk real far to see all my friends."

"Real close to Ade Dining Hall."

"Cannon's a great place to live if you're in the engineering program because the building where most of your classes are is practically next door!"