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Ford Street Apartments
Ford Street Apartments
Main Campus
Constructed: 1975
Capacity: 164 Students (total)
Apartments: Athena

Located on the corner of Ford and Sayles Streets and just up the hill from Openhym Hall, the Ford Street Apartment Complex houses 164 students in its six units - Athena, Bacchus, Medusa, Mercury, Pegasus, and Thor.

The apartments house four and six residents and provide a very independent living environment to the upper class student looking for something different from the traditional residence hall. This unique blend of an 'off-campus' feel with the benefits of living on-campus make the Ford Street apartments a very desirable housing location.

What Students Say...

"They rock! Full kitchen, full bath, nice living room."

"It feels like you live off-campus without the worry of paying rent or utilities."

"Being able to cook in a full kitchen is so nice!"

"You can live with up to five of your friends!"

"Good transition from college to real life."