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Directions to AU

Alfred University Campus Map McGee Pavilion Connors Family Pavilion Village Bandstand Miller Theater Alfred Ceramic Art Museum Environmental Studies House Language House Confucius House Womens Leadership Center Ford Street Apartments Openhym Residence Hall International House Gothic Chapel Alumni Hall Herrick Memorial Library Honors House Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian Center at the Maris Cuneo Equine Park National Casting Center Child and Family Services Center Saxon Inn Kruson Residence Hall Wellness Center Brick Residence hall Hillel House Crandall Hall Susan Howell Hall village Bandstand Carnegie Hall Greene Hall Davis Memorial Carillon Physical Plant Office Kanakadea Hall Powell Campus Center Robert R. McComsey Career Development Center Science Center Meyers Hall Perlman Hall Seidlin Annex/Engineering Laboratories Seidlin Hall Hall of Glass Science and Engineering Student Engineering Projects Lab (STEP) Cohen Studio Binns-Merrill Hall Harder Hall Welcome Center at the Fasano House Scholes Library McMahon Building Bartlett Hall Stull Observatory Ann's House Joel's House Residence Halls Ade Dining Hall Pine Hill Suites Franklin W. Olin College of Business McLane Physical Education Center Merrill Field Marlin Miller Performing Arts Center Harrington Softball Complex Joyce and Walton Center for Health and

1. Merrill Field
a. Connors Family Pavilion
b. Harrington Softball

2. Tennis Courts
3. The Marlin Miller
Performing Arts Center

a. Miller Theater
4. Ade Dining Hall
5. Pine Hill Suites
a. Norwood
b. Phillips
c. Tredennick
d. Crawford
e. Shults
f. Davis
g. Kenyon
6. Residence Halls
h. Moskowitz Hall
i. Tefft (mixed-class)
j. Barresi (first-year)
k. Cannon (mixed-class)

7. Joyce and Walton Center for Health and

8. McLane Physical Education Center
9. Bartlett Hall (upper-class residence hall)
10. Franklin W. Olin Building
11. McMahon Building
12. Scholes Library
13. Harder Hall
a. Alfred Ceramic Art Museum
14. McGee Pavilion
15. Science Center
16. Perlman Hall
17. Myers Hall
18. Seidlin Hall
19. Inamori Museum of Ceramic Art
at Binns-Merrill Hall

20. Hall of Glass Science and Engineering
21. Student Engineering Projects Lab (STEP)
22. Seidlin Annex/Engineering Laboratory
23. Physical Plant and Public Safety Office
24. Greene Hall
25. Carnegie Hall
26. Kanakadea Hall
27. The Arthur and Lea Powell
Campus Center

28. Robert R. McComsey
Career Development Center

29. Davis Memorial Carillon
30. Howell Hall
31. Ford Street Apartments
32. Openhym Residence Hall
33. Judson Leadership Center
34. Alumni Hall
35. Herrick Memorial Library
36. Brick Residence Hall
37. Village Bandstand
38. Crandall Hall
39. Kruson Residence Hall
40. Saxon Inn
41. Gothic Chapel
42. International House
43. Child and Family Services
44. Wellness Center
45. Honors House
46. Confucius House
47. Language House
48. Environmental Studies House
49. John L. Stull Observatory
50. Hillel House
51. National Casting Center (off map)
52. Welcome Center at
The Fasano House

53. Cohen Arts Center
54. Joel's House
55. Ann's House
56. Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian
At the Maris Cuneo Equine Park

(off map)

Parking for visitors to the Admissions Office is available in Alumni Hall lot (32). Parking is available to other visitors for short periods in the remaining lots or at parking meters on village streets. Persons remaining more than three days should obtain a temporary permit from the Safety Office in the Physical Plant building (21).

Note: To simplify identification of Alfred University buildings, certain Alfred Village structures have been omitted from this map.