Dave Miller Trio

Performing at The MostArts Festival Chamber Music Series & Music Under the Stars

Father-daughter duo Rebecca DuMaine and Dave Miller have been performing together since 2010 and regularly make the rounds at some of the most notable jazz clubs across the country. On the heels of their recently released critically acclaimed record "Just Imagine," and together with the rest of Dave's trio, they were set to perform at the 2020 MostArts Festival Chamber Music Series as well as Music Under The Stars.

David MillerDave Miller

Dave Miller began playing the piano at the age of 3. He was strongly influenced by his maternal grandmother, a concert pianist, and was encouraged by his parents to pursue musical study at a young age. Grounded initially in classical music, Miller gravitated to jazz as a teenager and never looked back although his classical roots remained an essential element of his jazz orientation.

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Rebecca DuMaineRebecca DuMaine

Rebecca DuMaine trusts songs. A jazz vocalist whose beautiful sound is matched by her exquisite taste, she’s an incisive interpreter of classic American standards who’s steeped in the tradition but not bound by it.

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BelascoBill Belasco

Bill started drumming at the age of three. He played in various school groups and orchestras until he went on the road with “The Graduates”, a brass rock band that played all over the country at the age of 17. In 1974 Bill settled in The Bay Area where he studied with exceptional teachers George Marsh and Tony Williams.

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Chuck BennettChuck Bennett

An experienced acoustic bassist, Chuck Bennett has played with Tom Scott, Art Pepper, Pete Christlieb, Wesla Whitfield, and Mike Greensil, plus has many recordings with Bay Area singers and performers. Chuck has released several CDs with Denny Berthiaume and Curt Moore, including a jazz version of The Wizard of Oz.

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Reviews of David Miller Trio "Just Imagine" Recording

“This is a fine, pleasurable album with clean, vibrant music reminiscent of George Shearing.” (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

“The sure sign of an accomplished pianist is not only ion the ability to interpret a variety of compositions, but also by playing in several combinations and as a solo performer. Dave Miller demonstrates this versatility…” (Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition)

“A dead, solid perfect jazz piano man from NoCal… capturing the flashpoint that brought bebop to the nascent suburbs, Miller loves his work and we love him for it. Killer stuff on Shearing classics.” (Chris Spector, Midwest Record)

“A must for those who love straight ahead jazz." (Patrick Van De Wiele, Keysand Chords)

“A fine West Coast piano trio with excellent bop, swing, straight ahead and modern chops…You have high blood pressure? Here’s some organic ‘medicine’ to help with that.” (Thomas “Biz” Bisard, WNMC, Traverse City, Michigan)

“Delightful and exquisitely performed is also an apt description of the music on Just Imagine. The Dave Miller Trio has produced a marvelous recording.” (Ron Weinstock, In a Blue Mood)