New York State Business Climate Study, Nov. 2001
Description of Sample

Three hundred sixty business people from across New York State responded to the Alfred University College of Business' Business Climate Study. Of these respondents 104 (29 %) were from the downstate area, defined as New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties. The remaining 252 respondents (71%) were from the Upstate New York area. Consistent with our previous sampling (May 2001), 75 percent of the sample are privately held companies with 94 percent employing less than 100 employees. Four percent identify themselves as being "self employed". Overall the sample generates on average $23 million in total revenue. Ten percent generate under $1 million. Fifteen percent generate $1-5 million while 26 percent produce $6-10 million in total revenue. About a quarter (26%) of the respondents generate $11-20 million in annual revenue while 23 percent make over $21 million in revenue. This profile of respondent mirrors our sampled population surveyed in May 2001.

There was an equal representation (10%) of those smaller firms who generated less than $1 million between the two geographic regions. However, 19 percent of upstate companies compared with 13 percent of downstate companies generated $1-5 million in annual sales. Thirty percent of upstate companies surveyed produced $6-10 million dollars compared to 16 percent of those located downstate. Those with annual revenues of $11-20 million were nearly equal among the two regions, 27 percent of downstate businesses compared to 24 percent upstate. A higher proportion of firms generating over $21 million were found in the downstate area compared to the upstate region (31 % cf. 21%).

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